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Cluster Insight With Entech

Jan Tore Tveranger, CTO in Entech
Jan Tore Tveranger, CTO in Entech

From their TestLab in Arna in Bergen, Entech replicates the environment in an oil and gas well, to test the equipment and minimize risk, associated with the testing in the actual wells.

Cluster Insight is a column where we ask six questions to catch a glimpse into the daily business-lives of our cluster partners and members.

In last column, Frode Gaupås from Scantrol sent the baton over to Entech, so this week, we spoke with Jan Tore Tveranger to learn more about him and his work in Entech: A company that has created a platform for operators and entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas to market. Mainly focusing on downhole technology.

1. What is your role in Entech?

As Chief Technology Officer I have the overall responsibility for design, engineering, and product qualification. In addition, I participate in feasibility studies for new technology development as well as managing the company's patent/IP portfolio.

2. Your main focus at work right now is?

We are currently doing preparations for upcoming field trials around the world involving several of our new products.

To minimize risk, associated with the testing in the actual wells, we set up and perform similar tests in our TestLab here in Arna, replicating the environment in the well with the same fluids, pressures, and temperatures that the equipment will be exposed to in real life.

3. Biggest challenges and opportunities for Entech in the future?

Being a small company, our biggest challenge currently is to manage growth in these turbulent times.

Biggest opportunity I would say is to be prepared for increased activity in the oil and gas marketplace when Covid loosens its grip of the world.

4. Best part of being member in a cluster

Exposure to a new and expanding network, gaining awareness about local initiatives like events, webinars, conferences etc.

Entech joined just a few months ago, and already we have had great help from the GCE Ocean Technology team at several occasions, solving practical challenges.

5. Your business motto

I'm not a big motto guy, so I had to do some googling to find something applicable: "You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it".

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

Techni is a technology development locomotive, it would be interesting to hear more about how they are doing these days.

Thank you for the insight Jan Tore.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Established in Bergen, Norway, in 2017, Entech has created a platform for operators and entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas to market. Mainly focused on downhole technology.

Outside of Europe, Entech is represented in North and South America and has an international network in Middle East and Asia.

Primarily serving the upstream oil and gas industry, our expertise includes engineering design, supply chain and manufacturing, project management and business development.

Entech applies systematic design and evaluation methodologies to ensure that the most promising ideas evolve into technologies that satisfy the widest range of customer requirements.

Every product launched by Entech is accompanied by a detailed business plan, including a commercial growth strategy, that brings the highest value and lowest risk to our stakeholders.

Since its inception, Entech has developed three cutting-edge product lines;

  • Fantom™ Completion Accessories began commercial sales in 2019 in North America and Norway and continues to grow
  • Superstage® Pinpoint Stimulation is scheduled for piloting in North America Q1 2021
  • The Bossa Nova™ Smart Well System is in the final stages of development and qualification, with field trials starting in 2021

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