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By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among our partners and members, we help to promote technology development in several ways.

Our activities are designed to:

  1. Facilitating R&D collaboration: We bring together companies, universities, and research institutions to collaborate on research and development projects. This can help to promote the sharing of expertise, resources, and ideas that can lead to the development of new technologies.
  2. Securing funding for R&D: We help our members secure funding for research and development projects from funding sources, such as government grants or private investors.
  3. Enhancing R&D infrastructure: We work to improve the R&D infrastructure by investing in shared research facilities or equipment through i.e. our partnership in the Ocean Innovation Catapult.
  4. Promoting multidisciplinary collaboration: We bring together experts from different fields to work together on research and development projects, which can lead to new technologies and new ways of thinking.
  5. Facilitating commercialization: WE help our members commercialize new technologies by connecting them with potential customers, partners and investors.
  6. Providing market intelligence: We provide our members with market intelligence, such as information on industry trends or emerging technologies.
  7. Offering networking opportunities: We provide opportunities for our members to network and connect with other businesses, researchers, and industry experts, which can foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Our core Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) focus areas include:

  • Autonomy, which encompasses sensing, communication, machine learning/AI
  • Power, including low-carbon petroleum production and renewable energy
  • Sharing and circular economy

Exlore our projects to learn more about what we do within our focus areas