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You can become a part of our network of 130+ partners and members which span the entire offshore value chain, from traditional subsea oil and gas extraction to renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, and marine mineral exploration.


By bringing together entrepreneurs, corporates, universities, research- and public institutions and capital providers, we aim to drive progress and spur advancements across the entire ocean sector.


To achieve this, we offer a range of activities and opportunities for our members to network, share their experiences, and collaborate with one another.


GCE Ocean Technology is dedicated to helping our partners and members achieve success in the national and global energy market. 

We connect you with customers, suppliers, markets, comptetance, technology, infrastructure and more.


Who Can Become a Partner or Member?

All organisations that deliver products or services in or to the ocean industries, or intend to do so, can become members of GCE Ocean Technology.

Companies that are seen as particularly important to the development of the cluster and educational and government institutions can be accepted as partners. Please contact CEO Owe Hagesæther if you would like to discuss a partnership.

We do not offer personal or individual membership.

What Does It Cost?

The current fees are as follows:

  • Organisations with less than ten employees – NOK 15,720 per year
  • Organisations with ten to 250 employees – NOK 31,440 per year
  • Organisations with 250 or more employees – NOK 62.880 per year
  • Start-up businesses up to five years old (year of establishment is considered year one) with fewer than 30 employees - NOK 4,192 per year.

All prices exclude VAT.
Please Note: The prices are index regulated annually.

When Will My Invoice Arrive?

Membership fees are billed at the start of the year and continuously upon registering new members.

Membership Agreement

Membership is based on accepting the terms in GCE Ocean Technology's Membership Agreement.


Go to our Media Kit to download statues, annual reports and more.

Why Cluster

International research shows that business clusters lead to higher employment, greater economic growth and improved productivity.

Innovation in terms of new technology, new products and services more often takes place inside an industry cluster than outside.