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GCE Ocean Technology Services

We provide a range of services and activities to our members.

Core Areas

Our services are focused on six core areas. We aim to:

  • Develop competence and attract talents and investors
  • Develop subsea solutions beyond oil and gas
  • Stimulate technology development
  • Create new entrepreneurs and grow business
  • Succeed in the global market
  • Improve work and production processes

Some of Our Key Services Include:

  • Meeting places for our members
  • Activities that increase the members' knowledge and expertise
  • Joint innovation projects
  • Activities that support members operating in global markets
  • Business development programmes that support start-ups and growth companies

Develop Competence and Attract Talents and Investors

Strengthen and develop education and training programmes

  • Establish international ocean MSc/MEng programmes
  • Establish integrated MSc/MEng degree in Bergen
  • Establish systems engineering MEng degree at HVL in collaboration with HBV
  • Establish eLearning programmes
  • Strengthen industry/university mobility

Strengthen R&D infrastructure

  • Be a driving force in realising Science City Bergen
  • Establish and strengthen joint test facilities and R&D infrastructure
  • Collocate important research infrastructure
  • Display available R&D infrastructure

Improve host attractiveness

  • Carry out branding campaigns
  • Present the value and importance of the industry
  • Publish success stories

Increase expertise in the cluster companies

  • Arrange seminars, workshops and competence projects
  • Establish and promote continuing education programmes
  • Establish eLearning programmes
  • Ensure diverse competence

Develop Subsea Solutions Beyond Oil and Gas

Raise awareness about how subsea solutions and the knowledge base can be used in related industries

  • Strengthen the strategic collaboration with the marine and maritime clusters
  • Present technology challenges and market possibilities in related industries
  • Map and present mega trends and research fronts

Strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Establish meeting places with other industries
  • Increase interaction with related clusters
  • Provide knowledge within systems engineering

Create new knowledge links

  • Support companies in securing EU funding
  • Establish meeting places with other industries

Stimulate Technology Development

Strengthen R&D collaboration between the industry, universities and R&D institutes

  • Establish collaboration projects between companies and R&D institutions
  • Connect the industry to relevant R&D groups
  • Promote the cluster's R&D and education partners' capabilities

Establish partnerships and secure funding for projects that develop new products and services

  • Provide active support and pre-project funding to realise innovation projects
  • Visit members to identify new projects and support them in establishing externally funded R&D projects
  • Perform and publish surveys about technological challenges in the subsea industry
  • Identify and suggest collaboration and development projects based on identified technological challenges
  • Arrange workshops, seminars and theme meetings
  • Assist companies with issues related to IPR, patents, contracts and law
  • Update and distribute our guide to public subsidy schemes

Strengthen R&D infrastructure, knowledge base and multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Develop joint R&D infrastructure
  • Establish pre-competitive and competence-building projects
  • Establish participation in international R&D projects
  • Facilitate working groups targeting specific scientific topics

Create New Entrepreneurs and Grow Business

Increase the number of start-ups and spin-offs

  • Carry out business development programmes such as ACCEL Energy and ACCEL Crossover
  • Establish ocean and energy incubator as part of Science City Bergen
  • Channel start-up businesses into incubators
  • Assist with applications for entrepreneur grants
  • Contribute to the establishment of spin-offs from R&D environments

Improve companies’ business models

  • Carry out business development programmes such as ACCEL and ScaleUp
  • Strengthen collaboration among SMBs and help them become suppliers for major customers

Increase the number of companies that add services to products

  • Increase knowledge about service innovation
  • Establish service innovation programme

Succeed in the Global Market

Increase the proportion of companies that export

  • Establish local presence in key ocean markets
  • Conduct an annual survey of companies who wish to expand internationally or into new markets, and where they wish to expand
  • Carry out entry-level programmes with other organisations such as NORWEP and Innovation Norway
  • Strengthen collaboration with NORWEP and Innovation Norway’s offices abroad
  • Establish long-term collaboration with international clusters and organisations
  • Arrange study trips and joint stands at relevant oil and gas fairs

Provide broad and updated market information

  • Prepare presentations and reports on national and international market opportunities
  • Organise a resource group for market information to share knowledge, expertise and experiences with other companies

Increase expertise on marketing, branding, strategy and internationalisation

  • Arrange seminars, workshops and courses on branding, marketing, strategy and internationalisation
  • Arrange workshops for knowledge transfer about markets, countries, customers and projects

Develop partnerships that target international markets

  • Develop SME collaboration targeting international markets
  • Help SME’s piggyback on larger companies abroad
  • Strengthen collaboration with related export-oriented clusters
  • Carry out joint events to encourage increased collaboration and business development

Increase the cluster's visibility in international markets

  • Promote the cluster in international professional journals
  • Attract and assist international delegations visiting the cluster
  • Produce articles for relevant publications
  • Provide marketing materials for companies that wish to use GCE Ocean Technology as a sub-brand
  • Active communication on web page and in social media

Improve Work and Production Processes

Improve the feedback loop from operation to engineering

  • Increase collaboration with engineering clusters, primarily in Eastern Norway
  • Provide knowledge within systems engineering
  • Increase knowledge and focus on life cycle cost

Increase use of Lean management and manufacturing

  • Provide knowledge from other industries with high cost and quality focus
  • Establish joint R&D projects

Increase standardisation of requirements, work processes and interfaces

  • Support joint industry projects that lead to standardisation

Strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Strengthen collaboration with related clusters and industries