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We Support Start-up Businesses

Sander Henriksen from Nordic Usv at the dock of Marineholmen stearing his USV.

Trough our partnership in the Future Ocean Incubator we offers support and advice in all aspects of business development.

This incubator provide entrepreneurs in the ocean try with attractive office spaces in an innovative and collaborative environment.

They connect you as an entrepreneur with relevant competence environments, capital environments, and other companies from the industry, with the goal of always developing good ideas in the right direction and giving your company optimal conditions for growth.

As an incubator company, you have the opportunity to participate in events, courses, and discuss current and future challenges with some of the industry's leading experts, in addition to:


- Personal advice and follow-up from professional business developers
- Invitations to relevant events and courses
- Industry-specific expertise (Aquaculture, marine minerals, green shipping, oil and gas)


- Innovative office spaces and meeting room facilities at Marineholmen
- Special agreements with discounted prices from our partners in law, intellectual property, patents, accounting, finance, and marketing
- Access to testing facilities


- A social and professional environment
- Connections to research and development environments, investor environments, and business clusters

Contact us or the Future Ocean Incubator to learn more.

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz