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Project Development Support

We provide professional support to our members and partners. We adapt our contribution to the individual project.

«By ”project development” we mean activities that lead to the realisation of a main project.»

This may include aid and support to:

  • identify partners or stakeholders
  • develop a project plan for the main project
  • identify potential sources of external funding
  • connect with public funding schemes
  • help write applications for project funding from public funding schemes

We Help You Find the Right R&D Partner

GCE Ocean Technology works to strengthen the collaboration between companies and research institutions.

Are you looking for a special type of expertise or research skill? We have an extensive network and make efforts to find the expert environment that best suits your needs.

Positive feedback

GCE Ocean Technology has received positive feedback from our partnsers and members related to our support. See some examples given below.

– We appreciate the support which led to this successful award from the Research Council of Norway. We see great value in the expertise which is available within the GCE Ocean Technology clusters. Leveraging the experience and proficiency from different industry actors is important for sound and efficient execution of innovation projects, Andreas Fjellbirkeland, global sales manager OneSubsea Processing.

– We would like to thank GCE Ocean Technology for their support in the pre-project phase. This has been valuable to mature the concept and secure Innovation Norway funding, Morten Bjerkholt, CEO Eelume.

– GCE Ocean Technology's advice are instrumental for small and medium-sized technology companies, Cristian V. Carter, previous CEO CCB Subsea.

– OCTIO is thankful to GCE Ocean Technology for valuable support to get our seismic look-ahead technology off the ground in 2018. GCE Ocean Technology's advice and financial contributions are instrumental for small and medium-sized technology companies, Leon Løvheim, CEO OCTIO Gravitude.

– It has been very useful to get tips and insight from GCE Ocean Technology. As a start-up, we have limited capacity and experience securing public funding, Torolf Wedberg, founder and CEO of Physiq AS.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang