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Cluster branding

GCE Ocean Technology works continuously with branding our cluster nationally and globally.

The main purposes in our cluster branding efforts are to:

  • Boost the industry's reputation in the region, nationally and internationally
  • Contribute to directing international and national attention to the cluster and thus increase knowledge about Norway's expertise in ocean technology
  • Secure recruitment; Make the industry and thus also the companies more attractive in terms of labor and influence young people to choose ocean studies.
  • Increase competitiveness for partner- and member companies
  • Reduce complexity by clarifying GCE Ocean Technology's many attributes to the outside world

Member Kit

To maintain a strong common brand we encourrage all member companies to become carriers and ambassadors of the cluster brand.

Contribute with branding our cluster by using the material in our Member Kit.

Branding Arenas

GCE Ocean Technology promotes our partners- and members trough:

  • media
  • at trade shows and conferences
  • presenting at national and global arenas
  • on web portals
  • through contact with public agencies


Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen