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Membership Agreement

1. Who Can Become a Member of GCE Ocean Technology?

All companies and organisations that deliver products and/or services in or to ocean industries, or who intend to do so, can become members of GCE Ocean Technology.

This is based on the condition that its products/services are relevant to the ocean industry.

2. Agreement on Purchase of Services from GCE Ocean Technology SA

The Parties in this agreement are GCE Ocean Technology SA and the individual member organisation.

GCE Ocean Technology SA shall, in exchange for a fee paid by the Member, provide the Member with the services specified in Attachment 1.

The determined fee reflects the extent of the services from GCE Ocean Technology SA that the Parties deem necessary to meet the Member’s needs in this context.

To the extent that the Member requires services beyond the scope of this Agreement, a separate agreement should be prepared to cover these services.

The Member is to pay an annual fee for services from GCE Ocean Technology SA. The fee is determined by the general assembly in GCE Ocean Technology SA.

VAT in accordance with current rates will be added to the determined fee. The fee is payable upon demand by invoice.

3. Agreement Period, Termination Deadline, etc.

The Agreement between the Parties is binding from the enrolment date of a new member. The Agreement runs until it is terminated by either Party.

Both Parties may terminate this Agreement, effective from the following calendar year in the Agreement Period. A valid notice of termination must be given in writing by the time of the due date of the invoice.

The Parties’ rights and obligations under this Agreement expire at the end of the invoiced period.

If memberships are terminated during a billed period, neither whole nor part of the invoiced amount will be refunded.

If one of the Parties causes a substantial breach in their obligations under the Agreement, the Agreement may be annulled by the other Party with immediate effect. Members are not entitled to receive a fee reimbursement if the Member in question has caused a substantial breach of the Agreement.

If a dispute arises between the Parties concerning the interpretation of or the legal effects of the Agreement, one should attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiations. If such negotiations fail, any of the Parties may demand that the dispute be settled by the Norwegian court. Nordhordland tingrett (Nordhordland District Court) is the legal venue for disputes under the Agreement.