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Cluster Insight With Waveco

Waveco's small-scale prototype in the test rig at Stadt Towing Tank.
Waveco's small-scale prototype in the test rig at Stadt Towing Tank. Photo by Waveco

Inge Bakke has invented a wave power concept to create green energy from ocean waves. He predicts that wave power will be highly relevant in the future energy mix.

Cluster insight is a column where we ask six questions to catch a glimpse into the daily business-lives of our cluster partners and members.

This week, we spoke with Inge Bakke to learn more about him and his work at Waveco; a company with a mission to create green energy from ocean waves.

1. What is your role in Waveco?

I founded Waveco AS in November 2015 to develop my wave power idea with two counter-rotating rotors with flexible turbine blades. Wave energy is an oscillating energy form. Turbines with flexible blades turn this into continuous unidirectional rotation. I am still alone in working with this, except for my partner who takes care of formalities and accounting.

2. Your main focus at work now is?

Basically, the turbine hangs vertically in a cable under a floating buoy. This concept utilises the vertical component of the wave motion and is suitable for deep sea. Right now, I am focusing on utilising the same turbine principle in the surf zone, horizontally oriented, firmly rooted to the bottom. On shallow water, the vertical component of the water movement in a wave will be hindered by the bottom and merge with the horizontal. Thus, the water movement becomes mainly horizontal and the energy density is concentrated.

3. Biggest challenges for Waveco in the future?

Wave power is an immature technology with a bad track record. Neither investors nor industry players seem to want to get involved in this. In the future, however, I predict that wave power will be actualized due to increasing conflicts related to the development of renewable energy on land and in the littoral zone.

4. Best part of being member in a cluster

GCE Ocean Technology has provided an important opportunity for a small start-up company to get in touch with the industry. The cluster's high level of activity in terms of conferences, study trips, courses and meetings also provide a unique opportunity to launch and discuss ideas. GCE Ocean Technology also has a very open and inviting attitude towards new entrants by keeping membership fees at a very low level during the first few years.

5. Your business motto

We should pay the REAL cost of the energy we use.

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

Hellenes Holding.


Thank you for the insight Inge.

Learn more about Waveco.

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