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Cluster Insight With Air Liquide

 Photo: Siver Stendahl, Business Development Manager in Air Liquide
Siver Stendahl, Business Development Manager in Air Liquide

Siver Stendahl from Air Liquide is currently opening a new facility at Risavik Havn in Tananger as well as working on their one-stop shop concept for all customers.

Cluster insight is a column where we ask six questions to catch a glimpse into the daily business-lives of our cluster partners and members.

This week, we spoke with Siver Stendahl to learn more about him and his work in Air Liquide; a world leading company within gases, technologies and services for industry and health.

1. What is your role in Air Liquide?

As Business Development Manager I am involved in all aspects of our operations in order to meet our commercial- and growth expectations in Norway, but, as we are a global company, I am also involved in driving our global development and footprints further. Furthermore, I serve some of our larger customers, both contractually and operationally.

2. Your main focus at work right now is?

Right now, my focus is on contractual aspects related to securing prolongments for some of our largest customers. In addition, I am also driving our presence in the Stavanger area where we are, as we speak, about to open our new facility at Risavik Havn in Tananger.

We are also working on restructuring our focus and operations towards our North Sea activities. Our plan is to develop an integrated one-stop shop set-up together with our UK office in Aberdeen. Basically, this means combining our knowledge, resources, quality products and competence to create enhanced synergies as a unit towards our customers - regardless if our customers are on the Norwegian continental shelf or in the UK sector. Exiting times ahead!

3. Biggest challenges for your company in the future?

I would say our biggest challenge is related to digitalisation and change transitions, assuring that we are keeping up with the constant development and changes in the business landscape. With the right focus, this is really an opportunity, but if we are not keeping up with the constant new developments, and most importantly, not willing to learn and change our methods, we will become one step behind, instead of ahead.

4. Best part of being member in a cluster

Being a part of a cluster gives us a unique opportunity to keep track of what goes on, create a larger network and moreover learn from members and partners. It is very valuable and it can also give you free lunch and reasons to get out of the office (he says jokingly).

5. Your business motto

There is no elevator to success, You’ve got to take the stairs! However, here is my best one related to sales: A «no », is just a delay on your way to a « yes », never give up!

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

SubseaPartner – Hard working company with large ambitions!

Thank you for the insight Siver.

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