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Cluster Insight With NORCE

Kari Marvik, Research Director at NORCE. Photo by NORCE
Kari Marvik, Research Director at NORCE. Photo by NORCE

Kari Marvik was elected one of Norway's 50 leading technology women by ODA and Abelia in 2019 – smart sensors and ocean-driven autonomous drones are part of her daily life at NORCE.

Cluster insight is a column where we ask six questions to catch a glimpse into the daily business-lifes of the cluster partners and members.

This week, we spoke with Kari Marvik to learn more about her and her work in NORCE.

  1.  What is your role in NORCE

    Research director - Autonomous systems and IoT and I work on initiatives within smart sensors and networks, energy systems, as well as ocean-driven autonomous drones.
  2. Your main focus at work right now is?

    To highlight our expertise, solutions and initiatives within exciting technology areas such as IoT and autonomous vessels. Moreover, to spot opportunities for new industrial and research projects, together with industrial players and new colleagues in NORCE.
  3. Biggest challenges for NORCE in the future?

    Although we are working on collaboration in a new merged company, we must continue to use the opportunities that lies within our combined expertise. The focus in the future will be towards interdisciplinary initiatives and projects to solve small and large industrial and societal challenges.
  4. Best part of being part of the cluster

    The biggest advantage is to be part of an interesting network and connect with exciting companies and actors in the cluster. The opportunity to attend interesting seminars and workshops is also a positive part of the membership. GCE Ocean Technology's turning of focus towards all ocean industries is what makes it even more attractive to be part of the cluster.
  5. Your business motto

    I don’t have a clear motto, but I try to have a leadership philosophy where openness, collaboration and involvement are central factors.
  6. Which cluster member should we interview next?



Thank you for the insight Kari.

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Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz

Norway's 50 Leading Tech-Women

Kari Marvik was elected one of Norway's 50 leading tech-women by ODA and Abelia in 2019.

The purpose of the award is to highlight talents and good role models, and to help more women be inspired to choose technology as a career path.

Read more about the award.