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Cluster Insight with OneSubsea

John Olav Fløisand is Manager for the Emerging Energy and Low Carbon Solutions in OneSubsea Processing.
John Olav Fløisand is Manager for the Emerging Energy and Low Carbon Solutions in OneSubsea Processing.

– Treading new tracks is hard work, but also rewarding. This also goes for my work in terms of finding our way these days, says John Olav Fløisand, Manager for Emerging Energy and Low Carbon Solutions in OneSubsea Processing.

Cluster Insight is your window into the daily business-lives of the employees who work for the partners and members of GCE Ocean Technology.

In our most recent edition, the baton was passed from Knowit to John Olav Fløisand in OneSubsea - a world leading global subsea technology and solutions provider:

1. What is your role in OneSubsea?

I lead the Emerging Energy and Low Carbon Solutions group at OneSubsea Processing.

Our focus is on repurposing our subsea technology and expertise in new areas and contributing to reducing carbon intensity for conventional subsea developments.

My group is also responsible for new technology development and digital enablement execution, crucial elements to accelerate innovation as we drive the new subsea era.

2. Your primary focus at work right now is?

We became a new company last October, doubling the size of our organization, as we joined forces with Aker Solutions. Needless to say, there is significant work ongoing right now to integrate the two teams while balancing short-term priorities vs long-term strategy.

3. Biggest challenges and opportunities for OneSubsea in the future?

The energy trilemma; balancing energy security, affordability, and sustainability, all at once.

This is a huge challenge, but I’m confident that it will also bring opportunities for our industry and society at large.

4. Best part of being member in a cluster?

Without a doubt, people. We have so much to learn from each other, technically, commercially and as an industry community.

The best being part of the cluster is the reduced distance between knowledge and experience it gives to its members.

5. Your business/life motto?

Communicate to motivate, motivate to communicate!

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Thank you for the insight, John Olav!


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