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Cluster Insight with Digital Tvilling

Eirik Solberg, co-founder and CEO of Digital Tvilling AS at their base Marineholmen.
Eirik Solberg, co-founder and CEO of Digital Tvilling AS at their offices at Marineholmen.

To succeed with the green transition, we have to move forward from lucky and random improvement measures to systemic innovation throughout the value chain, says Eirik Solberg, co-founder and CEO of Digital Tvilling AS.

Written by Stine Lines

Cluster Insight offers a glimpse into the daily operations of GCE Ocean Technology partners and members through a series of six questions.

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Eirik Solberg, co-founder and CEO of Digital Tvilling AS, a company whose ambition is to be a bridge builder across organizational boundaries using innovation and smart technology.

1. What is your role in Digital Tvilling?

I am co-founder and CEO, but we have a philosophy that everyone does whatever is needed with an intentional overlapping roles and responsibilities. This way we seek to secure learning and competence across traditional disciplines.

With my technical background it’s natural for me to be directly involved in projects as well as doing business development, recruitment, and networking. My favorite activity is creative product development with the team.

2. Your primary focus at work right now is?

We prefer to talk about balance rather than focus. We are now balancing core deliveries to several major clients where we are implementing next generation decision systems.

In parallel we are always reflecting and developing our vision and philosophy. Currently the interface between human & machine decision-making naturally has our full attention.

3. Biggest challenges and opportunities for Digital Tvilling in the future?

Again, balance is important!

Today, there is a lot of fuzz around AI that takes a lot of attention. As a platform and technology company rooted in evidence-based decision making, we are deeply invested in machine learning and data science.

The challenge is balancing the expectations of what AI can and should do, with the client’s needs and possibilities. We want to point towards data quality as a prerequisite for data driven business.

4. Best part of being a member in a cluster?

We recognize that in the same way as our data models connect and combine complex networks, we need to place ourselves in human networks of influence to make our vision come true.

GCE Ocean Technology are super forthcoming and supportive and have already opened doors to potential customers for us. We see many exciting opportunities in this partnership.

5. Your business/life motto

We live by the seven principles of Leonardo da Vinci – Curiosita, Dimostrazione, Sensazione, Sfumato, Arte/scienza, Corporalita, Connesione.

My favorite being Curiosita and Connesione. Curiosity is at the heart of human experience and my appetite for learning is insatiable.

Connections because I love to connect people!

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

Clara Venture Labs.


Thank you for the insight Eirik.

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Kjersti Boge Christensen


We believe that by increasing the collective intelligence of organisations we can make better decisions and a better world.

We are exploring how digital twins of complex systems can increase both collective knowledge and intelligence towards better decisions.

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