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Cluster Insight with Reach Subsea

Bjørg Mathisen Døving, Vice President of Reach Remote.
Bjørg Mathisen Døving, Vice President of Reach Remote.

Bjørg Mathisen Døving, is Vice President of Reach Remote and leading their mission of launching the first Norwegian-flagged unmanned vessels of its kind.

Cluster Insight is a relay column where we ask six questions to catch a glimpse into the daily business-lives of the partners and members of GCE Ocean Technology.

In a recent column, CCB Subsea sent the baton over to Reach Subsea, so this week we spoke with Bjørg Mathisen Døving, VP Reach Remote to learn more about her, and what she does in Reach Subsea – a leading provider of subsea services.

1. What is your role in Reach Subsea?

I have had various management roles in my career and joined Reach Subsea as co-owner in 2012. 

Now I am leading the Reach Remote mission: launching the first Norwegian flagged unmanned vessels of its kind. I am a proud millennial with half my life invested in subsea technology, in parallel with the digital transition - which is now rocketing us into a sustainable robotic future.

The Reach Remote mission has the impressive ambition of providing a full portfolio of subsea services from a low-emission, cost-effective remote and autonomous fleet.

Reach Remote will be able to perform work class ROV and subsea survey tasks like seabed mapping, pipeline inspection and UXO surveys, as well as surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance missions. The Reach Remote USVs can also be customized for Client requirements and will be launched in Norway in 2024. 

2. Your primary focus at work right now is?

The two first Reach Remote USVs are now under construction in Norway, and soon ready for launch. 

My overall focus is therefore to lead and excite the brave team that is making this a reality.

Together with our partners, over 100 technologists are involved in this completion phase. The USV universe consists of clients, politicians, bankers, suppliers, employees, competitors, partners and regulatory bodies to mention some. 

To lead in such a complex environment, consisting of diverse expertise and personalities, is a challenging task. Believers and non-believers. A million questions raised and even more opportunities. 

The digital landscape is endless, and together with our partners Kongsberg and Massterly, Reach Subsea are shaping the future of maritime robotics. Makes my heart race! 

3. Biggest challenges and opportunities for Reach Subsea in the future?

Reach Remote is a game changer, with both a huge potential and increased demand, worldwide. 

Norway is world leading on underwater robotics and subsea technology. Reach Subsea aims to embrace this opportunity making a notable step into a maturing international USV market, in addition to increasing market share with conventional vessel spreads and exceptional subsea solutions worldwide. 

4. Best part of being member in a cluster?

Personally, I strongly believe in the value of sharing knowledge and join efforts. Norway's leadership in subsea robotics is a powerful opportunity for all industries involved, leveraging technology for marine exploration, environmental stewardship, and economic development.  

A cluster as GCE Ocean Technology is offering our industries to explore each other and align ambitions, enabling Norwegian technologies to make a stronger footprint in the competitive international market. 

5. Your business/life motto

Our business motto is Learn-Teach-Reach, which I contributed to birth, and embrace to the fullest through my own personal version:

Talk to strangers and magical things will happen. Face your fears, and you will be rewarded. But most of all, be truthful because we will all meet again, it’s a small world. And if you have the surplus; be a teacher. 

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

Kongsberg Maritime


Thank you for the insight Bjørg.

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Kjersti Boge Christensen


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