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Introducing Bossa Nova

  Photo: Trond Erik Gundersen, Manager of Head Energy Group’s subsea- and technology department.
Trond Erik Gundersen, Manager of Head Energy Group’s subsea- and technology department.

Head Energy and Entech are collaborating on a new groundbreaking technology, that can save a lot of money and increase the oil and gas recovery rate for operators.

Bossa Nova™ is an intelligent completion system with unlimited zonal flow control. By better managing your reservoir you can reduce unnecessary water and gas production, improve recovery and prolong peak production. Bossa Nova provides the ability to control multiple choking ICV’s, with operational simplicity, reliability, and at low cost.

The technology is developed by Head Energy and Entech with Superior in the US as partner and with financial support from Innovation Norway.

– We are very pleased to be part of the GCE Ocean Technology cluster, who supported us with pre-project funding and advice in the early phase of this project. The innovation project has been successful so far, and we are currently looking for an operator to pilot the solution in the field, says Trond Erik Gundersen, Manager Director Head Energy Multicontrol.

Creativity and Close Cluster Collaboration

Creativity is a quality that is valued in Head Energy. - Often customers come to us with an idea, which we later develop and build, says Gundersen.

An example of this is the Arna company and fellow cluster member Entech Solutions, which has developed a well management concept called Bossa Nova.

– Our control system fits well with their solution and shows the strength of good cluster collaboration. According to Gundersen, this is a groundbreaking technology, which can save a lot of money for the operators and increase the recovery rate from wells.

Watch video of Bossanova – smart well system

Pre-project Funding Available

As partner or member of GCE Ocean Technology, you can apply for pre-project funding to establish externally funded research, development and innovation (RDI) projects. Last application deadline before summer is 31 May.

GCE Ocean Technology has so far helped secured more than 1.75 billion NOK in externally funded RDI projects run and owned by the cluster companies.

Please do not hesitate to contact Jon Hellevang at an early stage, so he can provide you with better guidance regarding the optimal supporting scheme for your idea or project.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Head Energy Multicontrol offers engineering services, technology and products to the Oil & Gas Industry, both subsea and topside.

We focus on increased oil recovery for our clients through cost effective execution models, highly competent staff and innovative products and solutions.

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Entech has created a platform for operators and entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas to market.

Primarily serving the upstream oil and gas industry, the expertise includes supply chain, engineering design, project management and business development.

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