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Courses in Project Development

Join our series of one-hour courses this spring and learn more about project development with a focus on public funding opportunities.

It is important to keep up the innovation speed despite the currently challenging times, and applying for public funding is often a good way of securing access to capital.

There are many support schemes for companies working with research, development and innovation. Our course series of webinars, aim to help you find and apply for the right programmes, enabling you to realise your best projects.

Target Group

The courses are targeted towards employees in companies that are less familiar with public funding opportunities, but many modules are also relevant for those who are writing applications for public funding.

The course modules can be taken separately, and they will be given in Norwegian.

What you will Learn

The courses will introduce you to the most relevant supporting schemes and which programmes are best suited for different types of projects.

We will provide useful insights and tips on how to write project applications. The course will provide concrete applications examples and experiences. Each module will be one hour from 11:00-12:00.

Registration is Open:

  • 2 April - Guide to public funding: Introduction to the most relevant funding schemes, their characteristics and what type of projects that receive support in different programmes. How to think project portfolio. Simple checklists that you can use in your own work.
  • 16 April - Application writing: How to write good applications; Value, goals, structure, illustrations. Evaluation criteria and where to focus. Writing tips based on experience.
  • 23 April - Application examples: Examples of accepted and rejected applications.

You can contact us for one-on-one meetings for input and advice on your specific ideas, projects and applications.

As part of the series we will also make available the Research Council of Norway’s webinar covering their planned call with application deadline in September.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


GCE Ocean Technology provides financial and professional support to establish externally funded RDI projects.

Our partners and members can apply for pre-project funding from GCE Ocean Technology to form the basis for larger RDI projects.

GCE Ocean Technology has so far helped secure more than 1.35 Billion NOK in externally funded RDI projects run and owned by the cluster companies.

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The course will be given by Jon Oddvar Hellevang, Senior Ocean Technology Innovator in GCE Ocean Technology. Hellevang has more than 15 years’ experience working with research, development and innovation in the interface between industry and research.

Hellevang has been key in establishing a wide range of different successful project applications, including being main author of the application for our status as a Global Centre of Expertise (GCE).

With experience from both industry and research institute, and evaluator of different applications, he has useful tips and insights into how to succeed in securing public funding.