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New and Exciting Cluster Members

OCTIO Environmental's Seismic Monitoring System technology for CO2 sequestration monitoring. Photo by our new member Octio Environmental Monitoring AS.
OCTIO Environmental's Seismic Monitoring System technology for CO2 sequestration monitoring. Photo by our new member Octio Environmental Monitoring AS.

GCE Ocean Technology has welcomed new members from Norway, Sweden and Iceland in the first six months of 2020.

This article was first published 8 July 2020.

17 companies have joined our cluster, so far this year and the cluster now comprises of 125 partners and members.

The combination of our cluster partners and members is based on the 5-stakeholder model illustrated below, and the new members are risk capital providers, entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized companies. 


New Members

  • Astrea is a company that offers services in the fields of recruitment and Career Advice, Management for Hire, as well as Strategy and Business Development. They work towards companies in the private sector and public administration.
  • AutoVeri is an independent third-party test and verification provider for software. With more than 30 years of experience in software and technology development, they aim to increase the safety and reliability of autonomous systems.
  • Farvatn Capital is a Norwegian family-owned investment company seeking to preserve and grow their wealth while leaving a positive footprint on the world.
  • Hefring ehf. was developed to ensure that each boat trip is guided, monitored and secure. It is an intelligent and condition-adaptable speed and wave impact guidance system for boats, supported by a user-friendly fleet management software with real-time monitoring and detailed trip insights and reports.
  • iDROP was founded late 2016, aiming at commercialising and bringing to market a system for cost-efficient ocean bottom data acquisition.
  • Inventura AS is a leader of developing and improving purchasing-driven value chains. They provide strategic, operational and regulatory advice to customers in all sectors, both in the private and public sectors.
  • IoRNorway AS develops software suitable for making estimates and calculations within the oil and gas sector, as well as services for carrying out projects related to this. Website is under construction.
  • Coral Solutions is a design engineering firm, part of StartupLab Bergen, that employs the latest high-end product optimization technologies. They redesign existing products through the use of AI in order to reduce material waste and production costs, increase efficiency and lessen environmental impact.
  • Loke Marine Minerals AS has been established with the aim to be a frontrunner in marine mineral exploration and production on the Norwegian continental shelf. Website is under construction, but we can connect you.
  • Norwegian Innovation Technology Group AS provides management, development, sales and licensing of technology solutions and technology projects. Website is under construction, but we can connect you.
  • Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB develops wave power technology. R&D has been focused on optimal control to maximize energy production and to control the buoy motion and load case, and to integrate energy storage in the system to smoothen captured power into a constant and predictable output.
  • Ocean Oasis AS develops a wave powered desalination solution to deliver fresh water to shore with zero emissions.
  • Octio Environmental Monitoring AS aims at making technologies developed for hydrocarbon production available to environmental applications.
  • SaNoor Technologies among other things develop underwater wireless optical communication.
  • Scantrol AS is an independent supplier of monitoring and control systems to the modern marine and offshore industries.
  • Testall AS are patenting a new concept for Intelligent Well Testing. Website is under construction, but we can connect you.
  • Trisense AS develops IIoT or industrial Internet of things sensors for the processing industry.


On behalf of GCE Ocean Technology, we welcome all new members to the cluster, and are looking forward to future collaboration.

If your company operates within the ocean industries we welcome you to apply to become a member our cluster.


Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther

Why Cluster

International research shows that business clusters lead to higher employment, greater economic growth and improved productivity.

Innovation in terms of new technology, new products and services more often takes place inside an industry cluster than outside.

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GCE Ocean Technology was established in 2006 in Bergen, Norway and is an industry driven initiative within ocean technology with more than 120 partners and members.

The cluster develops and supplies innovative ocean technology within a wide range of applications, including:

  • Subsea oil and gas production
  • Marine renewable energy production
  • Marine food production
  • Exploration of marine mineral resources.