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Trisense – New Cluster Member

Photo by Trisense AS

Trisense develops IIoT or industrial Internet of things sensors for the processing industry and has now joined GCE Ocean Technology.

As the requirement for increased digitalization is in focus for all types of processing plants, more advanced sensors are needed. Trisense’s fission from Sentec in June 2018, was executed to enhance development of its series of Smart Wireless Sensors for the process industry.

How the Technology Works

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensors currently under development by Trisense, allows the operator to add important monitoring points in the plant, normally not accessible, available nor economically feasible.

The ultimate goal is obtaining a more efficient and safe operation, thereby increasing throughput. The same technology allows for streamlining maintenance in existing operations by retrofitting sensors to perform Condition Monitoring.

Sensors retrofitted to detect possible Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) will have a significant impact in reducing costs related to corrosion.

Trisense is cooperating with the major telecom companies to further extend the Narrow Band IoT communication technology in less accessible areas offshore and in Ex-Zones in general.

Part of its patent pending smart sensor technology is:

  • Valve position transmitter (Manual valves)
  • Pressure Relief Activation detection (Pressure Safety Valves)
  • RH/T + Water Presence sensor (Prepared for robotic installation)
  • RH/T sensors for Ex-enclosures
  • Asset Management sensors (Measuring impact and rotation)

The Trisense Team

The team is consisting of people with different engineering backgrounds and with experience from international business and key accounts.

The company is also cooperating closely with NORCE (CMR) when it comes to development of the advanced algorithms utilized by the smart sensors.

Enormous Potential

Developing sensors that are providing information on plant conditions are of high interest to most operators whether this is in the oil and gas-, chemical- or pharmaceutical segment.

Cost savings by better predictions have received massive interest from the large oil companies to other major operators in the field and Trisense has received significant attention globally related to its products.

Mechanical Valve Monitoring – Open - Closed or something in-between?

Utilizing the Trisense Fusion 200 Mechanical Valve Transmitter, we can tell you the position of the valve in question: Open, closed or something in-between or when it was last time turned.

This is important, both to secure operations, but also related to predictive maintenance purposes.

The sensor can be mounted on any type of mechanical valve, is wireless and can communicate via Bluetooth and soon communicate utilizing the mobile data network by means of NB-IoT.

Joining GCE Ocean Technology Cluster

– Although much of our attention is towards international industries, some of the largest pilot projects will take place in Norway. Focus are supporting cost savings operations in the oil and gas industry. So, forming ties with local entities are important, says Jørn Sandø, CEO of Trisense, and continues:

– Even though we only recently became a member of the cluster, we have already benefited from receiving invitation to many interesting events and seminars. Also, moving into the next phase from being a start-up company, we look forward to meeting with other cluster members that also may benefit from exchanging ideas and experience gathered from their development path, Sandø concludes.

Learn more about Trisense.

On behalf of GCE Ocean Technology, we are happy to welcome Trisense AS to the cluster and are looking forward to future collaboration.

Contact Information

Owe Hagesæther

Chief Executive Officer

Owe Hagesæther

Valve Position Sensor

Project Manager Inge Eriksen from Trisense, showing the Valve Position Sensor.

Photo by Teknisk Ukeblad.