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Ocean Connect: Dive in to the programme

Wind, solar, hydro, nuclear…the list of possible energy sources goes on. Join us in Bergen 26 October to discuss the future energy mix, challenges to get there and the business opportunities along the way.

At Ocean Connect we will discuss the future energy mix and what it will take to get there.

Are we ready for new business opportunities, or will the latest boost in the oil and gas industry slow us down and leave Norway behind within the emerging markets?

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A programme for awareness and solutions

We connect people with different perspectives to discuss the challenge with change, competence and funding - and what business opportunities the energy transition will provide.

  • Understanding Our Current Path: Acknowledging the distance between our climate goals and our present status. Andre Gill, Partner at PwC, offers insights.
  • A Realistic Energy Transition: Jonny Hesthammer, CEO of Norsk Kjernekraft, shares his perspective on what will take to replace the huge portion of fossile fuel in the energy transition.
  • Thinking Beyond Conventions: Brita Staal, Climate Lead at Smart Innovation Norway, believe Norway have a huge challenge with capital and competence locked into oil and gas, and a more fundamental change is needed for success.
  • Sustainability as Business Strategy: Ingrid Lomelde, Group Head of Sustainability at Mainstream Renewables, discusses sustainability as a fundamental component of future business strategies.
  • The Role of Nuclear Energy: Jonas Kristiansen Nøland, Associate Professor at NTNU, sheds light on nuclear energy's role as baseload in a renewable energy system.
  • Coexistence: Dorothy Dankel, Senior Researcher at SINTEF, will address the challenge of balancing nature and climate action when more ocean industries are expanding.
  • What is Politically Possible? Monica Mæland, CEO of Bergen Næringsråd, provides insights into political processes and provides perspectives on how to advance the energy transition through political means.
  • Fast Forward: Ronny Haufe, CEO of CCB Energy Holding and H2 Production, is hand-on in the middle in the energy transition every day. He provides examples of what has been done and plans for the future.
  • From Research to Market: Bård Strøm, CIO at Clara Venture Labs, shares practical insights on turning research into the market.
  • The Role of Research: Kristine Spildo, Vice Dean for Climate and Energy Transition at UiB, discusses the vital role research and educations plays in driving the energy transition forward.

Equinor and other key players in the energy industry will also be among the presenters.

Dialogue and Networking

Throughout the conference, we open for dialogue discussions and collaboration among attendees.

This event offers ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. It's a must-attend for individuals and organizations passionate about the possibilities with the energy transition.

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Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


At Ocean Connect we will discuss the future energy mix, challenges to get there and business opportunities along the way.

Is it much about fancy words and greenwashing? – business as usual, or are there changes happening that can lead us in the right direction without creating new problems? – business as unusual!

Join us at Ocean Connect, 26 October in Bergen.

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