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Offshore Wind Hype Cycle: Challenges and Optimism

  The panel discussion was guested by representatives from OneSubsea, DOF, DNV and UiB (BOW).
The panel discussion was guested by representatives from OneSubsea, DOF, DNV and UiB (BOW).

The latest annual offshore wind report released by Norwep has brought attention to a surge in offshore wind projects, generating both enthusiasm and caution.

While the industry is witnessing significant growth, recent events have fueled concerns. Notably, Ørsted's market setback due to supply chain issues has cast a shadow on the broader global renewable energy goals aimed for 2050.

Several bottlenecks

Norwep's report raises key concerns, including limited supply chains, escalating costs, and project approval delays.

These hurdles cast doubt on the attainment of ambitious government targets and project aspirations across diverse regions. Jørgen Brandt Theodorsen, Director of Wind at Norwegian Energy Partners, underscored these concerns during his presentation.

– It becomes more and more clear that the supply chain for offshore wind will become a critical bottle neck, especially on the nacelle, blades and substructure deliveries, says Kai Stoltz, Business Development Manager in GCE Ocean Technology who along with DNV co-hosted the event.

– We have addressed this concern for many years, and will continue to address this to critical decision makers and governmental bodies.

The hype cycle

The panel discussion further underscored these challenges. However, it concluded on a positive note, as an industry representative from the audience highlighted an important insight.

He stated, "We tend to overestimate what can be done in five years, but underestimate what can be done in 20-30 years."

This comment emphasizes the need for both immediate action and long-term vision to address the complex issues facing the offshore wind.

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