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Norway's first floating offshore wind park, Hywind Tampen, officially opens

400 participants joined GCE Ocean Technology's Hywind Tampen Cruise to Wergeland Base in Sløvåg. Photo by Roy Bjørge.
400 participants joined GCE Ocean Technology's Hywind Tampen Cruise to Wergeland Base in Sløvåg. Photo by Roy Bjørge.

Equinor with partners, has developed the world's first floating offshore wind farm to provide renewable power to offshore oil and gas installations.

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus were present at the official opening this week.

Over 60% of the contractors at Hywind Tampen are Norwegian companies, further showcasing that the supplier industry in Norway is positioning itself in this new and significant international market.

Photo from the official opening of Hywind Tampen, with His Majesty Crown Prince Haakon and Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre. Copyright: Equinor. Photo by Ole Jørgen Bratland.

A test enviroment

Apart from reducing the annual carbon footprint by 200,000 tons of CO2, the wind farm will also serve as a testing ground for the development of offshore floating wind technology, aiming to mature the technology, lower costs, and enhance system integration.

A successful Hywind Tampen will lead to the growth of the floating offshore wind industry and contribute to a low-carbon society.

Power installations and cut emissions

Hywind Tampen will provide 35% of the power required by the Gullfaks A, B, C, and Snorre A and B installations. It is located 140 km off the shores of Norway, west of the city of Bergen.

– This will cut CO2 emissions by approximately 200.000 tons, and NOx emissions by 1000 tons annually, explained Olav-Bernt Haga, Project Director Hywind Tampen from Equnior during our Offshore Wind Conference “Science meets Industry" held earlier.

– Congratulations to Equinor and their partners on the official opening of Hywind Tampen today. Hywind Tampen is a very important project in positioning Norway within the development of floating offshore wind, and shows that the Norwegian suppliers are ready to take a significant share of coming floating wind projects, says Karianne Kojen Andersen, Innovation Manager in GCE Ocean Technology.

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Karianne Kojen Andersen

Innovation Manager

Karianne Kojen Andersen


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