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A Glimpse into the Ocean Innovation Lab

Discussion about electrification and all-electric among the members of lab #2b, Kristin Sand Bakken (Corvus Energy), Mikael Sidenmark (Ocean Harvesting Technologies), Thomas Johannessen (DNB) Per Ole Ingebrigtsen (Equinor), Audun Magne Askeland (OneSubsea) and Cecilie Sælen (CCB Subsea, not in picture).

Together with our amazing partners, members, and collaborators, we have set out to explore and innovate from lunch-to-lunch at Solstrand hotel near Bergen.

Throughout day one collaboration was at the core of our discussions. Valuable knowledge was shared from presenters and in workshops, and new connections were forged.

The discussions revolved around offshore wind, low-emission solutions for oil and gas, export opportunities, and deep-sea minerals.

Together, we identified concrete projects to work on collectively in the future.

Watch highlights from day one:

Photos by Roy Bjørge.

To be continued

Another day of workshops awaits us, where we will continue identifying common projects to pursue in the future together, but the dialogue will continue.

Participants will stay connected, exchange ideas, and continue the discussions beyond this event's boundaries.

We will diligently follow up on the project ideas, nurturing the seeds that have been planted to grow into tangible project outcomes.

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Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang