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New EY report on deep-sea minerals

 EY report to be published at our seminar 19 April
EY report to be published at our seminar 19 April

EY will present their new report “Perspectives on the development of deep-sea mineral industry in Norway” at our seminar Accelerating deep sea exploration 19 April.

The report provides an overview of the drivers, trends, and potential for deep-sea mining in Norwegian waters, including cases that highlight technological capabilities, address environmental concerns, and the economic feasibility of such operations.

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Critical success factors and possible scenarios

There are many possibilities for the development of a new industry based on deep-sea minerals in Norway. The report outlines three scenarios, where the Norwegian market share and the global industrial success progress from low to high.

Moreover, the report puts forth six critical success factors that will help speed up the development of a deep-sea mineral industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

The report also highlights the significant potential for a holistic value chain related to the deep-sea mining industry in Norway but also underscores the need for careful planning and consideration of the potential impacts on the marine environment.

Test infrastructure is important

The report points out that test facilities can provide the enabling tools, resources, and access for businesses to develop new technologies and methodologies relevant for seabed minerals. Such facilities may also serve as a meeting place for companies, entrepreneurs and researchers looking to conduct development and testing.

The EY report is part of the project “Test infrastructure for seabed minerals”, performed by Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre and funded by Siva.

The main report from this project will also be launched at the seminar.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


Join us 19 April in Bergen for the Accelerating deep sea exploration event. 

We will discuss how we can work together to strengthen the knowledge basis and what it will take to succeed within seabed minerals.

Different stakeholders are invited to present and discuss the challenges and opportunities arising in this emerging industry.

What does the roadmap ahead look like, what are the key actions needed, and what joint projects should be established to move forward?