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Accelerating deep sea exploration

19. April 2023, 08:30 - 16:00

VilVite Auditoriet, 2 etg., Thormøhlensgate 51, Bergen Norway

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©The Metals Company

Join our seminar on how to accelerate the exploration of the deep sea environment and its minerals resources. The ongoing opening process and impact assessment for seabed minerals activity in Norway will be basis for the discussion.

There is a broad consensus that more knowledge is needed about the deep sea environment and its mineral resources, but different views on how to move forward.

We will discuss how we can work together to strengthen the knowledge basis and what it will take to succeed.

Different stakeholders will be invited to present and discuss the challenges and opportunities arising with this emerging industry.

How does the roadmap ahead look like, what are the key actions needed and what joint projects should be established to move forward.

Keywords for the discussion are legal status, environmental aspects, resource potential and areas of collaboration within deep sea minerals.

The goal is to share knowledge and foster innovation to accelerate deep sea exploration and strengthen the knowledge basis.


08:30 Registration  
Session #1: Possibility for a new industry
Chair: Jon Hellevang, GCE Ocean Technology
09:00 Welcome and introduction  Jon Hellevang R&D Manager, GCE Ocean Technology
09:15 The opening process and impact assessment on seabed minerals Amund Vik, State Secretary, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
09:35 Resource assessment of seabed minerals on the Norwegian Continental Shelf Hans Martin Veding, Statistician at The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
10:05 Possibilities and perspectives on a new industry Anders Bjerga, Senior consultant EY
10:20 Break  
Session #2: Deep Sea Exploration

Chair: Jon Hellevang, GCE Ocean Technology

10:50 Possibilities for Norwegian offshore industry Torbjørn Gjæver Eriksen, Director industry policy and communications at Offshore Norway
11:00 How to ensure responsible management of the deep sea? Kaja Lønne Fjærtoft, Global Policy Lead Deep Seabed Mining, WWF
11:10 Geological mapping needed to increase confidence in the resource assessment Rolf Birger Pedersen, Professor and Director Centre for Deep Sea Research University of Bergen
11:20  Mareano – increasing the depth of knowledge based management Rebecca Ross, Researcher Institute of Marine Research
11:30 Industry perspective to the impact assessment and the way forward Ebbe Hartz, Lead geologies Aker BP
11:40 Dialogue

Moderator: Jon Hellevang, GCE Ocean Technology

12:00 Lunch  
Session #3: Learning across disciplines

Chair: Egil Tjåland, NMM

13:00 What to learn from land-based exploration Terje Bjerkgård, Researcher NGU
13:10 Why knowledge is the key to making the right decisions Nina Jensen, CEO REV Ocean
13:20 Collaboration across disciplines - Operators perspective Ståle Monstad, CEO Green Minerals
13:30 Environmental studies needed for good management Jon Thomassen Hestetun, Researcher NORCE
13:40 EMINENT - Collaboration across the value chain and disciplines Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt, CEO Adepth Minerals
13:50 Dialogue Moderator: Egil Tjåland, NMM
14:10 Break  
Session #4: International collaboration
Chair: Håkon Knudsen Toven, Offshore Norge
14:40 The France 2030 plan and area of collaboration Frederic Renaudeau, Conseiller Défense / Fonds Marins / Plan de Relance / Compétences & Formations, Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique
15:00 Tech Transfer from - Supplier perspective Guido Van Den Bos, Director of Business Development NOV
15:10 The main market is international Walter Sognnes, CEO Loke Marine Minerals
15:20 Ethical perspectives Siri Granum Carson, Director NTNU Oceans
15:30 Preliminary results from the Eco-Safe Ridge Mining project, and way forward Pedro Ribeiro, Researcher University of Bergen
15:40 Dialogue Moderator: Håkon Knudsen Toven, Offshore Norge
16:00 End of seminar  

Changes to the programme might occur.

Participation and Costs

The event is open for all and a participant fee of 625,- NOK including MVA (VAT) will apply.

Students can enter free of charge, limited to 20 seats (send e-mail to (using your student e-mail address) to register)).


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Jon O. Hellevang

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