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On-the-job learning

Frida Krågebakk is our new intern. She is studying Civil engineering in Energy at the University of Bergen.
Frida Krågebakk is our new intern. She is studying Civil engineering in Energy at the University of Bergen.

– After three years of studying renewable energy, I felt the necessity to get a more practical and hands-on experience through an internship, says Frida Krågebakk, a student of Civil Engineering in Energy and our new intern in GCE Ocean Technology.

Written by Frida Krågebakk

“As a student you get a good theoretical background, and this part is often much bigger than the practical experience, so working as an intern in GCE Ocean Technology gives me a great opportunity to learn and develop valuable skills that I can benefit from later in my career!

GCE Ocean Technology has many interesting projects which I am very excited to participate in and since I have chosen a specialization in wind energy the ImpactWind project is particularly engaging to me.

This project aims to develop more efficient and thorough application processes so that the development of offshore wind can proceed more quickly in the oceans outside of Agder, Rogaland and Vestland in Norway.

I am not used to be working with huge projects like this, so to see how companies actually work within offshore wind will be extremely useful and instructive. Moreover, to learn new aspects about the industry and following the processes in the different projects is exactly what I want to be work with during an internship.

During the next couple of weeks I am also really looking forward to be helping with arranging the upcoming Offshore wind conference Science Meets Industry that Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW), NORCE and GCE Ocean Technology are hosting.

Working in an interdisciplinary team where everyone works with different projects and areas, and at the same time help each other out is fascinating to experience.

Such good teamwork and efficiency is something I really value and enjoy contributing to! The office is also shared with many different companies and clusters, which makes it easy to share knowledge and collaborate across companies and industries.

Here, I can actually see how innovation happens. Being a part of the energy industry and learning about its different facets, that I can also apply in my field of study, is very interesting and exciting!”


– We are really happy to have Frida working with us for the next two months. To get her fresh knowledge and perspectives and not least gain an extra set of valuable hands is highly appreciated, says Karianne Kojen Andersen, Innovation Manager in GCE Ocean Technology.

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Karianne Kojen Andersen

Innovation Manager

Karianne Kojen Andersen