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Meet Ingeborg at Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Center

image of Ingeborg
Trainee Ingeborg Ese Haga

Ingeborg works as a trainee at the Ocean Innovation Catapult Center, a national test- simulation and visualisation center that is established and located in Bergen.

GCE Ocean Technology is a part of the consortium that owns and runs OINC and as part of establishing the catapult center we needed more resources and hired Ingeborg as a trainee to help us with this work.

– By working at OINC I get to partake in really exiting work and observe how innovation happens and how the system around it plays out, says Ingeborg Ese Haga.

She now works with developing the strategy, write applications and manage the web pages for OINC. – It is really exiting to take part in the development of the catapult center and be part of shaping the company. I notice that the services that is provided is welcomed by the businesses in the ocean industries and we will be signing the partnership agreements soon. That will be a concrete result of our work and a milestone for us. Perhaps we also get to help our first customer, Ingeborg explains.

– Since OINC is at Vitensenteret and shares offices with several ocean clusters, I meet a lot of nice people from the ocean industries here, and I have been invited to many arenas where I have learnet more about the industry, Ingeborg continues.

– It has been great to see how the industry works as this is very relevant to the Master I am taking at HVL. I see the importance of the clusters as meeting places, knowledge transferers and as a neutral partner that the companies can trust, she concludes.

Value of Trainees

– Ingeborg has done a tremendous job. She is smart, hard working and has a great overview of the innovation ecosystem, says Gisle Nondal, R&D Manager in GCE Ocean Technology and CEO of OINC. – This really highlights the value of taking interns onboard. You get the brightest minds at an optimal timing when they still have the innovation theory from school fresh in mind.

OINC was granted catapult status by Siva in June 2018 and is currently under development in Bergen.

Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås

About OINC

The Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre (OINC) is a national test-, simulation- and visualisation centre ensuring efficient prototype development, and verification of new solutions, for the ocean industries.

OINC aims to be a “one-stop shop” where companies can get assistance to realise their solutions.

The catapult centre involves interdisciplinary cooperation and uses expertise across professional environments and industries.