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Borrow or Share Employees in Competence Hub

50 member companies in GCE Ocean Technology are ready to borrow or share employees with you at cost price in the digital platform Competence Hub.

– We have had to lay off a couple of our engineers that we really do not want to lose. If anyone want to borrow them from us for a period of time, we would be able to take them back in and keep them, says a representative from one of the member companies interested in sharing their personnel.

The engineers are laid off 100 %, but the member company can make them return to work if another company needs 80% of their services, as they really want to use this opportunity to keep their employees in-house.

Find Available and Requested Skills

Some of the skills that are available to borrow or share right now in Competence Hub are:

  • Service Egineers Hydraulics
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Workshop Mechanics
  • Manufacturing Specialists Mechanical/Electrical

A pool of Designers, Engineers and Developers

Engineers are right in the target group of Competence Hub and the first pilot is targeting companies working with sensors, instrumentation, communication and data analysis.

– We have been focusing on technical personnel, designers, engineers and developers in this first phase of the Competence Hub, says Jon Hellevang R&D Manager in GCE Ocean Technology.

He elaborates; – The engineers, that are available for sharing now are highly qualified and it is a win-win for all parties to share personnel as it enables companies to keep their key employees in-house by sharing them with other companies in low-activity periods, and to equally lend employees from other companies in high-activity periods, Hellevang ends.

Looking for Skilled Personnel

Another of the cluster partners is currently looking for more personnel.

- We are experiencing a high demand for services right now, so if anybody would like to share their workshop technicians with us, we would be grateful. You can easily get in touch with us through the competence hub, says the partner.

If you have questions about the Competence Hub or would like to register to borrow or share personnel, please get in touch by e-mailing us at or call us at +47 915 61 188.

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Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

 shAIRskills has developed the digital platform Competence Hub, to enable sharing of employees for the partners and members of GCE Ocean Technology.

The concept includes a coworking space in Bergen, provided by Frydenbø Eiendom and the pilot project is targeting companies focusing on sensing, communication and data analysis, but we are planing to expand this to several nodes and new areas in the future.

Competence Hub is supported by Innovation Norway and GCE Ocean Technology.