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Launch of Competence Hub

We are excited to present Competence Hub: a platform for sharing of personnel between member companies of GCE Ocean Technology. Try it now.

The main purpose of the hub is to enable all members of GCE Ocean Technology to be part of an ecosystem where companies help each other to reach their individual goals. Moreover, the hub will enable member companies to share personnel when demand is low or lend personnel from others when demand is high.

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Users of the hub are by invitation only, and partners agree on basic terms for sharing personnel when entering the hub. Please do not hesitate to contact shAIRskills, who developed and operates the platform, to retrieve your log-in and start sharing or requesting personnel.

All partner or member companies of GCE Ocean Technology are welcome to join the hub.

The concept is initially targeting technical personnel, designers, engineers and developers.

Sharing is the Nature of the Cluster

– Sharing of personnel is a natural extension of the clusters’ activities to join forces and be stronger together says Jon Hellevang in GCE Ocean Technology.
A key aspect is sharing your employees and having them available when you need them back. This will extend their expertise and reduce your cost in times with limited work, he explains.

– We hope companies will join and find the Competence Hub useful in both good and bad times, Hellevang ends.

The hub has been created in collaboration with cluster member shAIRskills.

Contact information

To learn more about Competence Hub - or receive access to the platform contact:

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


Sharing of personnel is considered to be an alternative for adapting new skillsets to personnel and companies.

Several companies have large variations in workloads over time. This has been especially visible in the last year with different time-lags and cycles.

Many companies need substantial resources in a development phase, and these key resources might be costly to hold onto between development cycles.

The idea about Competence Hub, is to enable you to keep the key employees in-house and sharing them with other companies in low-activity periods.

You can equally lend employees from other companies in high-activity periods.

By joining a pool of companies and sharing employees with them, you have access to a flexible and scalable workforce at an affordable cost.