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Competence Hub Expands with Coworking Space in Bergen


The cluster project Competence Hub will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and employees between the Hub members. The project has now been extended with a 450 square meter coworking space.

A vital part of the Competence Hub is a digital platform that will enable seamless sharing of employees between Hub members. This digital platform is currently being developed by shAIRskills and is expected to be launched in June 2021.

New Coworking Space

To further strengthen the Competence Hub, Frydenbø Eiendom has made 450 square meters office facilities available for the project in Conrad Mohrs vei 11, in Bergen at favorable terms.

The intention with the coworking space is to establish an arena for cooperation and sharing of knowledge for companies working within sensing, communication and data analysis.

The facilities include ordinary offices, open office landscape and meeting room facilities. The facilities are targeting companies up to about 10 employees, as well as freelance personnel. It can also be an option for larger companies that desire centrally located meeting room facilities available for its employees or customers when needed.

Preliminary opening date for the coworking space is set to 1 March, depending on the interest from the member companies and the Covid-19 situation.

Contribute to Reuse

The co-working space is currently unfurnished, and companies with surplus of office furniture and equipment, such as desks, office chairs, meeting room tables/ furniture/projectors/monitors/ICT equipment, etc. are welcome to donate this to the hub.

Watch the NRK TV show Sløsesjokket Wednesday 27 January, about the fact that large amounts of office furniture is being tossed every day. If your company is considering throwing away anything, please reconsider and get in touch with us instead.

If you want more information about:

  • the development project of the data platform Competence Hub
  • the coworking space, or
  • the possibility for donating office furniture

Please get in touch with:

Anders Hansen
Project Manager, shAIRskills
Phone: 476 46 219.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

Competence Hub

Our member company shAIRskills is developing a digital platform to enable sharing of employees.

The project is supported by Innovation Norway and GCE Ocean Technology.

The concept is now extended to cover a coworking space provided by Frydenbø Eiendom.

The pilot project is targeting companies focusing on sensing, communication and data analysis, but we are planing to expand this to several nodes and new areas in the future.

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