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Sharing Employees Across the Cluster

We have increased our focus on joint projects facilitating sharing and you are welcome to join a competence sharing project headed by cluster member shAIRskills and funded by Innovation Norway.

One of three focus areas that is highlighted in our cluster strategy is sharing and circular economy.

Sharing of data, equipment and knowledge was discussed with great interest at our event; Topplederforum earlier this autumn.

Balancing Your Resource Plan

Several companies have large variations in workloads over time. This has been especially visible in the last year with different time-lags and cycles. Many companies need substantial resources in a development phase, and these key resources might be costly to hold onto between development cycles.

Hiring consultant are expensive and letting go of good people you need next year is not a sustainable solution.

The idea about this knowledge sharing project is to enable you to keep the key employees in-house and sharing them with other companies in low-activity periods. You can equally lend employees from other companies in high-activity periods.

By joining a pool of companies and sharing employees with them, you have the possibility of a flexible and scalable workforce at an affordable cost. The concept is targeting designers, engineers and developers with higher degrees of expertise.

Your Company is Welcome to Join

An information meeting about the project with the possibility to join will be held 9 December 12:00-13:00.

Read more and register for the meeting

Your input is important to ensure that the solution is developed in the right direction and that the solution can be a joint platform for the future.

The first pilot is targeting companies working with sensors, instrumentation, communication and data analysis.

We also welcome companies outside the cluster to join, having the benefit of counter cyclical companies on board.

Sharing is the Nature of the Cluster

The cluster has supported several initiatives based on the sharing economy and was instrumental in establishing the Ocean Innovation Catapult which focuses on establishing joint infrastructures and competence for prototyping, verification and testing.

Previously we provided pre-project funding for CCB Subsea to develop and extend the SubQuip database for equipment sharing, which now is owned and operated by NOROG. Furthermore, we have recently provided pre-project funding to ShareCat to develop eSPIR; a digital tool for efficient handling and sharing of spare parts.

We are in dialog with NOROG to see how we can strengthen the industries sharing of equipment through their virtual inventory programme.

- Sharing of personnel is a natural extension of our activity to join forces and be stronger together says Jon Hellevang in GCE Ocean Technology.

We hope companies will join our new project to ensure the development of a valuable tool for the cluster members. Hellevang ends.

Read more and register for the meeting

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang