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Join us for Tekna’s seminar on seabed minerals

Jon Hellevang, R&D manager in GCE Ocean Technology will provide an overview about seabed minerals and how collaboration is key to succeeding at Tekna's seminar.

In connection with the governments comprehensive impact assessment for seabed minerals published in October Tekna invites you to an evening seminar 18 January in Bergen.

The Norwegian government believes that seabed minerals can become a new industry that will supply the world with critical minerals for the energy transition.

Join Tekna’s seminar Wednesday 18 January 17:00-19:00 in Bergen to learn more about seabed minerals, the opening process, the environmental aspects and industrial perspectives.

Collaboration is key for success

There’s an increasing interest for seabed minerals as the legal framework is moving forward both in Norway and internationally.

Many questions are being raised about this emerging industry. This seminar will provide answers about the legal status and the knowledge and technology status with regards to seabed minerals.

You will be given an overview about the topic and how collaboration is key to succeeding, by Jon Hellevang, R&D manager in GCE Ocean Technology. Moreover, Pedro A. Ribeiro Researcher at the University in Bergen and project manager for the Eco-Safe Ridge Mining Project will give you a status about how much we know about the deep-sea ecosystem in the Norwegian waters.

Finally, Anette Broch Mathiasen Tvedt, CEO of Adepth Minerals will present ongoing industry projects and perspectives.

Jon and Anette will present in Norwegian, while Pedro will present in English.

Register for this seminar

The seminar will be held in the cantina in Thormøhlensgate 53D, Bergen, and is free of charge and open for all to join.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


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