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Students Available for Your Projects

Students from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. From left Vermund Leite, Hanna Havstein and Lars Stenbeck.
Students from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. From left Vermund Leite, Hanna Havstein and Lars Stenbeck.

Request for assignments for bachelor projects for students in general mechanical engineering, energy technology, marine engineering, industrial engineering and subsea/ocean technology

If your company has an assignment that might be considered as a main project within the below mentioned areas, please send us a brief description of the task by mail, email or contact by us phone preferably before Friday, 15th October 2021:

The student projects will be conducted during the spring semester 2022 and based on the department's expertise and equipment at the workshops and in laboratories, projects are relevant in the following areas:

  • Construction and strength calculation
  • 3D modelling and 3D printing
  • Material testing
  • Flow simulation and hydraulics
  • Multi-phase systems and petroleum flow assurance
  • Test of models of marine vessels and installations in Marinlab (50 m tow and wave tank)
  • Response and Anchor Analysis with SESAM
  • Operation and maintenance of thermal machines and their components in our Motorlab
  • Energy efficiency of processes and buildings
  • Waste heat recovery and energy from waste
  • Assessment and use of renewable energy
  • Hydrogen technology
  • LEAN management and logistics
  • Industrial and international marketing
  • Industrial processes
  • Evaluation and implementation of industry standards
  • Operation and maintenance of offshore and subsea installations
  • Subsea operations

Explore New Ideas

Student projects are ideal to explore new ideas, gain knowledge and increase your company’s innovation capacity. They are an important tool to increase the interaction between businesses and educational institutions.

Companies can explore new ideas and spark long-term development projects. Students receive relevant tasks and both parts get to know each other with respect to future job opportunities.

For more information contact:

Lecturer Tone Helene Bergset Røkenes
Study coordinator for subsea technology/ocean technology
phone: +47 55 58 72 41

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

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