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The Perfect Storm

Kristin Sand Bakken was one of the representatives from our cluster who attended this event. Moreover, she held a brilliant presentation about her journey from student to Head of Ocean Industries at Knowit.
Kristin Sand Bakken held a brilliant presentation about her journey from student to Head of Ocean Industries at Knowit.

50 representatives from the ocean industries performed almost 300 speed-dates with the students of Bergen, to talk about the blue opportunities in the ocean industries.

The student career day “Storm in a Glass of Water” or in Norwegian "Storm i et Vannglass” was fully booked in two hours.

Together with Maritime Bergen, NCE Maritime CleanTech, Salmon Group, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Hub for Ocean, we arranged this career day for the students to highlight the many attractive and exciting career paths within the ocean industries and moreover, to give students the opportunity to connect with employees from the ocean industries through up to six one-on-one meetings each.

A Goodie Bag of Opportunities

Kristin Bakken was active in downhill skiing and went to an elite-sporting school at Voss for four years. An event called "An Ocean of Opportunities" led by Maritime Bergen with the intent to recruit women to the maritime industries, caused her to apply for the mechanical engineering study at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

She continued with a master's degree in innovation and technology management at the University of Oslo, where she wrote a bachelor's thesis on optimization of drilling rigs for Equinor. An assigment that came in handy when she started working for Knowit.

Watch the film from the plenary session of our event, where Kristin talks about her journey from student to Head of Ocean Industries at Knowit. (Language: Norwegian).

Ocean City Bergen and Internship at Corvus

Vidar Aarhus, Advisor at the business section Ocean City Bergen, spoke about Bergen municipality’s strong focus on the city’s important ocean industries. Bergen municipality also supported the event financially.

Corvus Energy presented a case where the students can come up with suggestions for a solution. The contest is being rewarded with an internship! In addition, all students get the opportunity to apply for a summer job at Corvus.

Erna Solberg praise the work that Corvus Energy does that will help us through challenging times towards an innovative, green, future.

Watch film shown at the event (language: Norwegian).

Hydrogen and Seafood

Hub for Ocean is based in Florø and general manager of Hub for Ocean, Stein Kvalsund, gave a speech focusing on the fact that hydrogen will be one of the major maritime investments this decade. An area where there are many exciting opportunities for today's students!

NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster has for a number of years implemented its own trainee scheme; Seafood Trainee.

One of NCE Seafood's strategy areas is expertise, and Administration manager in the cluster organization, Cathrine Gravdal, presented this exciting trainee scheme.

A new batch can apply for the trainee scheme this autumn and perhaps we will see some of the participants at Storm in a glass in their programme.

Bremnes Seashore is one of Norway's leading suppliers of farmed salmon. With long experience, high knowledge of breeding and innovation at all levels, they have developed a product that is in demand all over the world. The lecture to the Head of Innovation in Bremnes, Laila Knarvik, focused on the investment they have made "on the quayside" to ensure value creation and jobs locally, at the same time as they have established international brands.

Grateful for the Contributors

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the representatives from the following companies who spent this afternoon presenting and meeting with the students:

Air Liquide, Benchmark Genetics, Bergen Kommune, Bremnes Seashore, Brødrene Aa., Cargill, Corvus Energy, Dataloy, DNV, Evoy, FRAMO, Grieg Logistics, Grieg Seafood, Hellenes AS, INC Gruppen, Knowit, LERØY, Manolin, Metapod, Norwegian Hull Club, Ocean Hyway Cluster, OCTIO Environmental Monitoring, RadøyGruppen AS, Scantrol Deep Vision, Seaborn, Servogear, Skipskompetanse, Sparebanken Vest, Sustainable Energy Katapultsenter, Universitetet i Bergen, Utkilen, Wartsila and Wikborg Rein.

Moreover, we would like to thank Stiftelsen Norsk Maritime Kompetanse, Bergen Kommune and GCE Rieber for invaluable financial support.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

“Storm i et Vannglass” is a yearly event where we want to give the students of Bergen, Norway the inspiration to seek out the blue industries.

The event is held for the 4th time in 2021 and is a collaboration between Maritime Bergen, NCE Maritime CleanTech, Salmon Group, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, Hub for Ocean and GCE Ocean Technology.