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From Subsea to Ocean Technology Programme

Students from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. From left Vermund Leite, Hanna Havstein and Lars Stenbeck.
Students from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. From left Vermund Leite, Hanna Havstein and Lars Stenbeck.

The Ocean Technology programme at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) is a bachelor programme that started in the fall of 2017. This programme is a result of the downturn in the oil and gas industry.

Written by Ocean Technology students: Vermund Leite, Hanna Havstein and Lars Stenbeck

The bachelor programme was originally called Subsea Technology, it originated because of the lack of subsea engineers.

The downturn over the past few years has led to less optimism in the industry, and the number of applicants have decreased. As a countermeasure the school had to readjust the curriculum, so in order to meet the industry demand, HVL decided to integrate subsea and aqua technology. The result is a bachelor programme in Ocean Technology.

Ocean Technology Programme

The students can choose which field of expertise they want to specialize in, either aqua or subsea technology. Students currently enrolled in this study programme will learn about day to day operations in aqua farming and in subsea technology, as well as many other aspects of both industries.

Important subjects such as mechanics, automation, processes and material science are some of the subjects students learn about. Regardless of which path the students choose to focus on, they get a relevant education, since both industries have the ocean as their main workplace.

Relations with the Industry

The students are not only learning in the classroom, they are also visiting various companies around the Bergen area where they get to explore a potential workplace and get some hands-on-experience.

The students are not just learning about subsea x-mas trees and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), but are given the opportunity to get to know the industry and see it for themselves. In addition to the bachelor programme, the students also have the chance to attend various events organised by GCE Ocean Technology. During these business visits and events, students can build a bigger network.

For Ocean Technology students, the future has many interesting paths. There are many new and exciting projects in progress, that we are looking forward to be a part of in the future.

Contact Information

If your company would like to connect with the Ocean Technology students you can contact their student association Bunnsolid.

Ocean Technology Education

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) offer Bachelor and Master education within Ocean Technology (previously Subsea Technology) at several locations in Norway.

During the eduation the student is introduced to the industry where they can be placed in practice, get excursions or assignment writing for a world-leading industry.

In 2007, GCE Ocean Technology was one of several contributors to establishing the subsea education at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

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