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Møllerodden has Acquired Inovatum Lifting AS’s Patented INOShackle!

Møllerodden is a new member of GCE Ocean Technology and looks forward to bringing the INOshackle to everyone who wants to give the future a boost, without unnecessary oil spills and resource use.

From press release

Inovatum Lifting AS was founded on July 22 2013 by Lars Skjold and Janny Angvik Aasen (photo). The company was a supplier of subsea tools with the main focus on the patented INOshackle ™.

The prototype of this was presented and launched in Stavanger in 2013.

Photo: Lars Skjold and Janny Angvik Aasen at Offshore Technology Days in Bergen 2018.

The shackle was further developed with the desire to make it simpler and more environmentally friendly.

The goal was to develop a shackle that could be released hydraulically without the use of oil, but also make the lifts standardized, faster and safer than any other hydraulic shackle available on the market today.

They succeeded in this. The INOshackle delivered today has many advantages. It is a safe, fast and green solution for lowering and retrieving equipment subsea, for anchoring, anchor handling, fish farms, wind, tidal and oil / gas activities. What makes it completely unique is that it only needs water or air to be released and not oil that traditional shackles use.

The INOshackle is currently approved and used by major players in the market. Neodrill, for example, has used the INOshackle for its CAN projects since 2015 and TechnipFMC France has used it on its Kaombo project with very good results.

Watch Inoshackle animation

External obstacles, such as the oil crisis and then the COVID-19 pandemic, made Inovatum Lifting realize that they were too small to meet the market in a well-functioning way.

Møllerodden AS and Brødrene Haukås AS have for several years been Inovatum Lifting's suppliers of engineering and production work, and it was therefore a natural solution to give Møllerodden AS the possibility to buy the company and the patent for the INO shackle.

Møllerodden AS

Møllerodden was established in 1960 and is continuously receiving recognition for the high quality and fast delivery of various types of sheaves, blocks and swivels. Already in the early sixties, the lifting block, Møllerblokk, became a well-known brand and was sold in large numbers. These blocks are still produced and sold to this day.

Møllerodden AS is owned by Brødrene Haukås Mek. Verksted AS, which has been, and still is, our manufacturer and main supplier for the past 40 years. We have a large selection of tailor-made products, and supply large-scale lifting equipment for offshore and onshore cranes, oil rigs and fish trawlers. In collaboration with Brødrene Haukås, we can design and produce everything according to the customer's specifications.

All Production Takes Place in Norway

Brødrene Haukås Mekaniske Verksted has 25 employees and have been producing Møllerodden products in its workshop in Tysvær for more than 40 years. They perform lathing, milling, welding and assembly of advanced products.

We supply blocks and wire sheaves in all sizes. Example of product range is as follows:

Blocks, Wire sheaves, Hooks, Swivels, Bearings, Latches, Lifting Beams and Spreaders.

High Standards

All products are delivered according to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (SFT) and Norwegian standards. All blocks, hooks and swivels are delivered with a load test certificate. Service and maintenance of own and others 'products and equipment is an important part of both companies' business.

Why choose INOshackle™?

Hydraulic shackles are used to lift both small and large structures in subsea operations. They are preferable to manual shackles when operations take place in limited time frame or under difficult conditions, where personnel cannot easily fasten or release a shackle themselves.

Traditional hydraulic shackles are large, oil-powered units, which require a lot of manpower to operate. There is also a certain risk of oil spills. To make subsea lifting easier and offshore operations less resource-intensive, operators need access to new technology.

INOshackle ™ has been developed and patented by Inovatum Lifting AS and now owned by Møllerodden AS. It is the world's first water - based hydraulic shackle. It is powered only by water or air, thus eliminating all risk of oil spills!

The INOshackle allows as many shackles as needed to be connected at the same stab point, meaning multiple shackles can be fastened and released instantly and simultaneously.

In its standard configuration, the INOshackle is designed for lifting and positioning structures and equipment of between 25 and 150 metric tons. Custom designs, however, are also available, making possible lifts of between 7 and 3000 metric tons, or more.

The INOshackle is designed and tested according to DNV’s classification for offshore and platform lifting applications, DNVGL-ST-0378. It available both for purchase and rental.

The INOshackle is lightweight and small in size, enabling more nimble operations and improving safety for offshore personnel.

Thoughts about the Future

In the future, Møllerodden wants to expand the use of our patented water hydraulic technology, also beyond subsea lifting.

Møllerodden looks forward to bringing the INOshackle to everyone who wants to give the future a boost, without unnecessary oil spills and resource use!

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Møllerodden is known worldwide for its quality onshore and offshore lifting equipment. The company was established in 1960 and continues to build its reputation for high quality and quick delivery of different kinds of sheaves, blocks and swivels.

Sales and design is carried out by the company alongside Brødrene Haukås Mek, while Verksted serves as manufacturer and owner.