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Global Collaboration within Ocean Technology

From left: Gordon Gale, Director of International Business at the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OTCNS) and Enrico Nake, Commercial Agent for the Canadian Embassy, ​​representing Melanie Nadeau, Center for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), Dr. Carl Thiede and Prof . Uwe Freiherr von Lukas, Subsea Monitoring Network eV and Dr. Gisle Nondal for Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Center and for GCE Ocean Technology.

An MOU for collaboration around global expertise within ocean technologies was signed between GCE Ocean Technology, COVE, Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre and Subsea Monitoring network in Germany this week.

The intention with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to strengthen the global ocean innovation network, commercialization of new technologies, and to propel the global ocean economy.

The partnership between The Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE), Subsea Monitoring Network (SMN), Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre and GCE Ocean Technology is intended to bring together leading ocean technology organiations in Canada, Germany and Norway, to deepen global sector expertise through sharing ideas for new technology creation and adoption and pairing amongst the members from the global organizations.

– GCE Ocean Technology see great potential and opportunities through a stronger cooperation between our organizations, said Owe Hagesæther, CEO of GCE Ocean Technology. – By sharing competence and knowledge, market access and global networking to mention a few, all within the frames and common goal of sustainable use of the oceans, he explained.

A Multitude of Opportunities

Working in collaboration to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise and access to infrastructure, the actors will increase connections among members to participate in networking events, joint innovation projects, identify supply chain partners, and facilitate commercial opportunities.

The organizations will work together to develop new ocean technologies and ensure sustainable use of ocean resources.

– COVE, GCE Ocean Technology, Subsea Monitoring Network and Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre are at the centre of global ocean technology advances in their regions. This collaboration will create new opportunities for ocean technology companies and accelerate the growth of the global ocean economy,” said Melanie Nadeau, CEO of COVE.

– COVE members will now be able to access worldwide supply chains, research and development, and technological advancements to propel Nova Scotia and Canada’s ocean technology sector on a global stage, she ends.

COVE is an internationally awarded collaborative facility for ocean innovation with 60 companies, including Start-Ups, SMEs, multinationals, and research institutes. Companies have direct access to the ocean with over 780 meters of wharfage, onshore and offshore infrastructure, and programmes and services that reach 20,000 people worldwide.

Companies also have access to Stella Maris, a subsea platform that allows companies developing revolutionary ocean technology advancements to test and demonstrate their products.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's Sustainable Subsea Solutions high performance center is happy to bring together the organizations involved with the goal of the sustainable use of the oceans as well as its necessary technology developments and to strengthen international exchange in the interests of sustainability, they exclaimed”

Based in Rostock, Germany, Subsea Monitoring Network has an international reputation for excellence in the ocean technology sector and is a leading location for underwater technological research.

“The collaboration with the Subsea Monitoring Network and COVE will increase the availability of infrastructure which the companies need to scale their technologies and move into an international market”, said the CEO of Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult, Dr. Gisle Nondal.

Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre is a non-profit centre assisting companies in the Ocean Industries in developing prototypes,offering expertise, network and equipment for testing, visualization and simulation to turn innovative ideas into new products and services.

The MOU was signed at the Digital Ocean Convention in Rostock, Germany. 25 August.

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