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Launching Disruptive Sales Development Platform

Erik Hannisdal and Sanna Lutsoja from Gaia Global.
Erik Hannisdal and Sanna Lutsoja from Gaia Global.

GAIA Global members up with GCE Ocean Technology while introducing a disruptive sales development platform for technology suppliers.

GAIA Global sales management platform enables technology suppliers in the energy and maritime industries to build and manage their international sales partner network in an innovative manner.

The main goal is to help technology driven supplier companies establish strong sales organizations faster and come into position to sell in several markets and segments at the same time.

The GAIA platform is going live on 1 September. Suppliers and Sales Partners can register to gain early-access from today by registering or scheduling a meeting on

Lean Market Access with GAIA

GAIA was established in Bergen in 2020 by co-founders Erik Hannisdal and Sanna Lutsoja. The team has 4 members located in Bergen, Rio de Janeiro and Houston. With over 20 years of experience within the energy and maritime industries, working with suppliers in Brazil, USA and Norway; Erik Hannisdal has seen the pattern in challenges that a supplier faces when entering into new international markets.

– Most supplier companies must find new markets to grow, and this involves both high cost and considerable risks, says Hannisdal. – For small- and medium sized supplier companies to establish a sales presence in a global market, demands a lot of time from key resources - to qualify partners, establish legal contracts, create compliance policy, answer foreign tenders - all those processes are very time consuming, require great experience and region specific knowledge. GAIA is an answer to lean market access with a platform that makes establishment and management of qualified sales partners lean and cost effective, Hannisdal explains.

Illustration of the GAIA Platform’s core functionality

Effective and Intuitive Sales Tool

– The GAIA platform itself is an intuitive and automated software solution to effectively create custom-contracts, auto-track commissions, receive opportunities, manage sales materials, maintain compliance policies and gain overview of global sales efforts and its results, explains CEO and a co-founder Sanna Lutsoja. She is a software and automation designer, with a recent exit from an accounting software company.

– We are taking the challenges each supplier is facing in each new market and build a solution that is highly scalable for any global sales process. A supplier can manage 15+ Sales Partners at the same time and have a solid control of global sales activities, Sanna ends.

The idea of GAIA is to create a modern tool that first makes entering a new segments and markets safer, faster and cost effective.
GAIA aims to democratizes the access to global opportunities in maritime and energy industries regardless of the size of sales resources in the company.

The promise of GAIA is to reduce the obstacles that slow down technology suppliers by providing an in-dept qualification of Sales Partners, bullet-proof representation contracts, ready ABC-compliance program and flow of tenders from new markets that suppliers otherwise would not know about.

Contact Information

We encourage you to contact GAIA if you are interested in finding new market for your products and services. Get in touch: or

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

600 qualified Sales Partners on the platform.

GAIA welcomes 10 new suppliers to join the platform in the autumn 2021.

GCE Ocean Technology cluster members will receive special terms.

A global sales platform to develop and manage internationalization process of technology. GAIA stands for Global Acceleration Innovation and Access.

Established in Bergen, Norway, in 2020.

GAIA is created for suppliers with ambition to expand to new segments and markets globally safer and cost effectively.

Main features are data-driven Sales Partner search, intelligent custom-termsheet generator, product management hub, contract cloud, global opportunity and sales activity hub, automatic commission tracking, ABC-compliance program for all partners.