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1 Week Left

We are only one week away from the 6th International Conference on Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy. Over 470 people have already signed up for the conference.

This year’s digital conference will take place 20 October, and contains four main topics that will be discussed and covered by brilliant speakers:

  • Zero Emission Vessels
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Marine Energy
  • Energy Islands

Read full programme and sign up.

More than 470 people have signed up for the conference and for the first time the conference will be free of charge.

Hosted by Maria and Kai

Business Opportunity Manager, Maria Brandsøy from Ocean Hyway Cluster, is hosting the digital conference from our studio at Marineholmen in Bergen together with Kai Stoltz, Business Development Manager in GCE Ocean Technology:

– I am excited to welcome all of the participants to the conference as hydrogen-based fuels are “hot” like never before, says Maria Brandsøy (photo) and continues – Since last year we have seen numerous hydrogen strategies and roadmaps being released, and we are also starting to see some financing to back it. Perhaps, we are closing in on the "chicken and egg" situation? At least we are doing our best to shed light on the most important aspects to get the (hydrogen) ball rolling, she explains.

– Offshore renewable energy and hydrogen-based fuels are global hot topics as never before, says Kai Stoltz. – I am excited to welcome all of the participants to this year’s conference. Since last year’s conference there has been an immense growth in renewable and hydrogen projects, both on production and infrastructure. We are proud to show you many exciting projects presented by inspiring people from the ocean-businesses, Kai ends.

Join us in making green waves and find solutions for the future!

Read full programme and sign up.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

This conference brings together world-leading players in the fields of maritime hydrogen technology and marine renewable energy.

To ensure further development and future value creation, it is crucial to gather representatives from all corners of the industry: business, R&D, academia, finance and public enterprises.

Through knowledge sharing and working together, we will all contribute to solving technological challenges that will reduce global CO2 from maritime transport and help to deliver stable, sustainable and clean energy supply to island communities and coastal regions around the world.

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