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OneSubsea Awarded Funding for All-electric Pump Development

Photo: Tom-Stian Karlsen, Askøyværingen
Norwegian Minister of Higher Education, Henrik Åsheim visiting OneSubsea's facilities at Horsøy. Photo: Tom-Stian Karlsen, Askøyværingen.

OneSubsea Processing recently received 8.6 million NOK to develop an all-electric subsea pump for the offshore industry. GCE Ocean Technology supported OneSubsea with project funding advise.

OneSubsea Processing are currently developing the next generation subsea pumps for the offshore industry.

In addition to evading fluid supply, the new development will benefit from high efficiency and low "footprint", all contributing to reduced emissions. Recently, they received 8.6 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway to develop the all-electric pump together with Equinor and NOV.

– We are truly grateful for the Research Council’s decision to support this project, says Andreas Fjellbirkeland, global sales manager in OneSubsea Processing.

– Our unique experience in the subsea processing domain and our solid project execution capabilities, put us in an ideal position to successfully realize such developments and bring them to the market. The all-electric subsea pump project is being developed in line with our clients’ requirements. Equinor is co-funding the project and providing valuable input. Close collaboration with clients is vital in such developments, as it secures fit-for-purpose products and reduces time for market implementation, explains Fjellbirkeland.

Norwegian Minister Praising the Solution

In brief, the all-electric subsea pump will be cost efficient and support low-carbon subsea processing. The technology follows OneSubsea’s electrification strategy and is expected to:

  • Contribute to future solutions for offshore sustainable energy production
  • Secure and maintain local technology competence
  • Increase export of technology from Norway

Technology development is a vital part of OneSubsea’s values and strengths.

– The company was established as a research and development company and it still is a key aspect of what we do. The technology we develop is being used internationally and will have a global impact, says Fjellbirkeland.

The Norwegian Minister of Higher Education, Henrik Åsheim, recently visited OneSubsea at their test and assembly facilities at Horsøy. He emphasized the importance of low carbon technologies in a global perspective and praised OneSubsea’s efforts.

– It is exciting to see a company’s research cutting emissions through technology, and that this technology can be used globally. This has to be one of the best research and development environments I have ever seen, simply impressive, says Asheim (Asheim's statement is translated from Norwegian to English by GCE Ocean Technology).

Valuable Support from GCE Ocean Technology

GCE Ocean Technology supported OneSubsea with project funding advise.

– We appreciate the support which led to this successful award from the Research Council of Norway, says Fjellbirkeland. –We see great value in the expertise which is available within the GCE Ocean Technology clusters. Leveraging the experience and proficiency from different industry actors is important for sound and efficient execution of innovation projects, Fjellbirkeland finishes.

GCE Ocean Technology provides financial and professional support and advice for free to establish externally funded RDI projects for our partners and members

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang

OneSubsea Processing, legacy Framo Engineering, was established by the Frank Mohn companies in 1983.

Since then, the company has grown from a team of 13, to more than 600 people.

The main office is at Sandsli and a word-class assembly and test center is located at Horsøy in Askøy Municipal.

Since 2011, OneSubsea Processing has been fully owned by Schlumberger.

OneSubsea Processing is an EPC contractor for a global client base.

The product base comprises subsea pump and compressor systems, subsea flow measurement systems and marine swivel systems.