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Conference on Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy

20. October 2021, 10:00 - 16:00


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We are pleased to invite you to learn about the latest updates on technology, policies and projects within the maritime hydrogen and marine energy industries.

This conference brings together world-leading players in the fields of maritime hydrogen technology and marine renewable energy. To ensure further development and future value creation, it is crucial to gather representatives from all corners of the industry: business, R&D, academia, finance and public enterprises.

Through knowledge sharing and working together, we will all contribute to solving technological challenges that will reduce global CO2 from maritime transport and help to deliver stable, sustainable and clean energy supply to island communities and coastal regions around the world.


10:00 - 10:15 Introduction and welcome. Maria Brandsøy, Business Developer, Ocean Hyway Cluster and Kai Stoltz, Business Development Manager, GCE Ocean Technology


10:15 Business Case: How to make zero emission profitable?
Presentation by Lars Erik Marcussen, Heidelberg Cement North Europe, Norway

10:30 The Green Fleet – A World Tour
A deep dive into the most mature low and zero-emission vessel projects around the world. Hydrogen, ammonia, LOHC and methanol powered vessels – find out how all these fuels will be making green waves in the very near future Presentation by Mark Purkis, Ocean Hyway Cluster.

10:40 Panel Discussion - How to choose the best hydrogen fuel for your vessel
Get an insight into choosing the right type of hydrogen fuel for your vessel directly from the global leaders making the first waves.

The discussion will look into: decision process behind choice of fuel, opportunities for rebuilding, the risk of choosing the “wrong fuel”, addressing the cost difference between fossil and zero-emission fuels.

11:00 Short break



Infrastructure is the backbone of our energy system. Decarbonising the maritime sector will require collaboration and coordination across sectors. How do we realise the required infrastructure?

  • Infrastructure: A European view
    Speaker TBA
  • Deep Dive Debate!
    Moderator: Gunnar Malm Gamlem, SINTEF

The first hydrogen-fuelled vessel is already afloat, but where and when and how will hydrogen and ammonia become available in scale? Studies suggest that 85% of the investments in alternative fuels will be required in production and infrastructure. Through conversation with players from both sides, we will ask:

  • What are ports doing to offer climate neutral ammonia and H2 to ships?
  • Are there synergies between production for land based industries and maritime?
  • If industry cannot pay the price of climate neutral fuels, can shipping?
  • How can a shipowner build a vessel for a fuel that is almost non-existent today?
  • Will NH3 and H2 ever become commodities or is long term contracts preferred?


The endless motion of water in the oceans is a vast store of energy. This energy can be harnessed and used to generate electricity needed for our zero-emission societies. Great innovations are happening in the oceans, learn about some of them here:

  • Tidal Power in Shetland. Presentation by Simon Forrest, Nova Innovation, Scotland
  • Offshore Floating Solar. Presentation by Marianne Waage Fougner, Equinor, Norway
  • Plocan Offshore Test Center. Presentation by Jose Joaquin Hernandez Brito, Plocan, Spain
  • Docs Tidal Energy. Presentation by Brian Hughes, IDRIS, Wales

Panel Discussion

Chaired by Jon Clipsham, Chief Commercial Officer, Protium Green Solutions Ltd

12:15 Break / Networking

PART 3: INTERACTION 12:45 - 13:45


1. Maritime Hydrogen Risk Management: How can data and safety philosophies be used to reduce risks?

Moderator: Øystein Ulleberg, IFE, Norway


  • Wenche Olsen, Civil Aviation Authority, Norway. Learnings From Aviation
  • Geirmund Vislie, Gexcon, Norway.
  • Vegar Berntsen, Norwegian Maritime Authority, Norway. Database Impact

2. The Svalbard Case

Moderator: Ulf Eriksen, Statkraft, Norway


  • Bjørn Torud, Multiconsult, Norway. A Zero Emission Island Community
  • Kenneth Warvik, Energigass Norge, Norway. Transition via LNG
  • Guttorm Nygård, Store Norske, Norway. Arctic solutions


Moderator: Bjarte Fagerås, GCE Ocean Technology, Norway


  • Geir Arne Solheim, Havkraft, Norway. Port Infrastructure - New Thinking
  • Arne H. Kollandsrud, Tidetec, Norway. Tidal Range Energy
  • Patrik Möller, CorPower, Sweden. Improving Wave Energy

4.How to reach IMO 2050 targets?

Moderator: Velaug Myrseth Oltedal, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway


  • Sveinung Oftedal, Ministry of Climate and Environment, Norway. IMO 2050 Emission Targets
  • Anders Valland, SINTEF, Norway. Zero Emission Propulsion Systems
  • Berit Hinnemann, Maersk, Denmark. A Shipping Company's Perspective
  • Veronica Haugan, NCE Maritime Cleantech, Norway. Hydrogen Pilot Projects and Regulatory Development


“Energy islands” are hubs for electricity and e-fuel production from nearby energy sources. By integrating a range of technologies, they are highly innovative and early findings will help drive rapid upscaling of renewable capacity.

13:55 Jeju Island Energy Project. Presentation by Byung Chan Kang, Jeju Energy Corporation, South Korea

14:05 Aquaventus - Hydrogen Offshore. Presentation by Jimmie Langham, Aquaventus, Germany

14:15 PosHYdon - Hydrogen Pilot. Presentation Peters / van der Meer, Neptune Energy, The Netherlands

14:25 Artificial Island Vindø. Presentation by Michael Ertmann, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Denmark

14:35 Panel Discussion. Chaired by Jon Clipsham, Chief Commercial Officer, Protium Green Solutions Ltd

14:45 Short break



1. The Orkney Islands – Learnings to Tell

Moderator: Ian Johnstone, Aquatera, Scotland


  • Harvey Johnston, Orkney Council, Scotland. Paving the Way
  • Gareth Davies, REFLEX, Scotland. REFLEX - Utilizing Green Energy
  • Mark Shiner, Orkney College, Scotland. Hydrogen Training Courses

2. Synergies Between Sectors and Hydrogen Carriers

Moderator: Kristina Wittmeyer, Shell, Norway


  • Marit Mork, Deep Purple AS, Norway. Hydrogen Subsea Storage Solutions
  • Ronny Haufe, CCB Energy Holding, Norway. Port Synergies
  • Cees Boon, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Multiple Energy Supply

3.Tidal Arrays

Moderator: Jon Hellevang, GCE Ocean Technology, Norway


  • Elisa Obermann, Marine Renewables Canada. Tidal Sector in Canada
  • Drew Blaxland, Simec Atlantis Energy, Japan Tidal Project
  • Rob Flynn, European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) Scotland, Economics, incentives, policy, megatrends

4. Policy Frameworks for the Promotion of the Hydrogen Economy

Moderator: Karianne Kojen Andersen, GCE Ocean Technology, Norway


  • Wolfgang Behrendt, Delegation of the European Union to Norway EU H2 strategy and framework
  • Hilde Holdhus, Sarsia Seed Management AS, Norway. Investments in Hydrogen
  • Camilla Røhme, Norwegian Public Road Administration, Norway. Public Procurement

15:50 End of conference and sum up

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