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Cluster Insight with Palfinger Marine Norway

Rene Jenensch, Product Manager- Cranes, Palfinger Marine Norway AS
Rene Jenensch, Product Manager- Cranes, Palfinger Marine Norway AS.

Palfinger Marine has recently joined GCE Ocean Technology wanting to establish multidirectional relationships to other ocean-businesses with focus on finding innovative solutions to existing challenges.

Cluster Insight is a column where we ask six questions to catch a glimpse into the daily business-lives of the partners and members of GCE Ocean Technology.

In a recent column, Gunnulf Rasmussen from Capgemini sent the baton over to Palfinger Marine Norway, so this week we spoke with Rene Jenensch, to learn more about him and his work at Palfinger; a global partner for innovative and reliable deck equipment and lifesaving appliances.

1. What is your role in Palfinger Marine Norway?

I work as a Product Manager, which means I translate customer needs into requirements, ensures technical feasibility and monitor product performance for our product groups. The role covers the customer/ market perspective and establishes among other things strategic footprints, launch plans, pricing strategies and product development processes.

2. Your primary focus at work right now is?

My two main focuses at the time are firstly to develop the next generation of lighter wire luffing cranes with improved lifting performance, improved access and maintenance philosophy and focus on improved CAPEX/ OPEX. Secondly, but just as importantly, I work with the business strategy; planning the products of tomorrow.

3. Biggest challenges and opportunities for Palfinger in the future?

The world has become smaller and turns quicker than ever before. Therefore, highly innovative solutions have to be launched to the marked in shorter time frames. That requires an adaptation of existing work processes, tools and innovation management. By this we believe to be also in the future, a reliable supplier of innovative products giving additional customer value through digitalization, remote operation and autonomy.

4. Best part of being member in a cluster?

The best part is to have the possibility to extend the network possibilities around core competence areas of ocean-based technology. That allows us to build multidirectional relationships to shipbuilding/ marine, aquaculture, subsea, oil/ gas, renewables and similar markets with focus on innovation and based on existing challenges.

Moreover, we are visible to other cluster members with our technical competences for future collaboration opportunities. In addition to that receiving of bundled information helps to understand quickly what is going on in the field of ocean-based technology. That again might trigger new ideas and possibilities for collaborations which will consequently accelerate the innovation process.

5. Palfinger’s motto

Together we are shaping the future of our customers.

6. Which cluster member should we interview next?

Wind Spider AS.


Thank you for the insight Rene.

Contact Information

Kjersti Boge Christensen

Communication Manager

Kjersti Boge Christensen

As a global partner for innovative and reliable deck equipment and lifesaving appliances, PALFINGER supplies high-quality products to fulfill standardized and customized demands.

Supported worldwide by a network of experienced and skilled specialists, we provide flexible and efficient service solutions.

Our portfolio gives a competitive edge for customers in the maritime and offshore industry. PALFINGER provides lifting and handling solutions to all major maritime segments, including Offshore | Oil and Gas, Merchant | Cargo, Passengers | Cruise, Governmental, Wind and Aquaculture.