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Hydrogen Courses for the Industry

Hydrogen is "sailing up" as fuel in the maritime sector. New courses are now being developed to offer technical and operational competence for crew members and administrative staff.

The Norwegian ferry operator Norled has two RoPax ferries under construction. One is a hydrogen/battery hybrid ferry and one a biodiesel hybrid, the last one planned for hydrogen refit in some years.

Hydrogen powered high speed passenger vessels are ready to be built based on upcoming public transportation tenders.



The energy systems on board all these vessels are significantly different from the traditional diesel or LNG propulsion systems and new competence is needed.

Develops Courses for the Industry

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) offers the study Hydrogen Technology and the class has seen an increased popularity.

Selected topics from this class will now be restructured and offered to the industry as a selection of hydrogen courses.

– We are eager to offer needed competence to the industry, says Thorbjørn Martin Kaland, Advisor at HVL.

– Public sector and different educational players have also contacted us for courses and collaboration within the hydrogen topic. We are now giving full speed ahead, Kaland ends.

Teaching Staff Needed

HVL needs more manpower to develop the new hydrogen courses and also to teach and supervise bachelor’s and master’s in collaboration with the industry.

– A skilled teaching professional for the new courses is now most needed. We can offer an interesting job including close dialogue with industry and collaborating clusters, says Nils Ottar Antonsen, Head of Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering at HVL.

– Spread the word or contact us if you are interested in the teaching position, Antonsen continues.

Apply for the position within 1 October.

Cluster Collaboration

Ocean Technology is involved in different projects including hydrogen as energy carrier.

The largest project is the Kanfa/TEchnipFMC managed Deep Purple project, developing technology for offshore hydrogen production and subsea storage and infrastructure.

– We see hydrogen as future part of the energy mix within the ocean industries, says Owe Hagesæther, CEO in GCE Ocean Technology.

– We are collaborating closely with HVL in different projects and will contribute with dialogue with the industry regarding development of the hydrogen courses, Hagesæther ends.

Contact Information

Thea Båtevik

Innovation Consultant

Thea Båtevik

Competence and Infrastructure

One of GCE Ocean Technology’s focus areas is to strengthen competence about ocean technology.

To develop competence and attract talents and investors our projects and activities shall:

  • Strengthen and develop eduction and training programmes
  • Strengthen R&D infrastructure
  • Improve host attractiveness
  • Increase expertise in the cluster companies