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Connect with and Learn from Hydrogen Players at Orkney

Image by BIG HIT, EMEC, CES, Ian Garman and Iain Ashman

Renewable energy and hydrogen players at Orkney are running the large BIG HIT project.

The players have developed smart energy systems to utilise the surplus renewable energy in the islands where the energy is stored as hydrogen.

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Relations to Western Norway

Orkney and Western Norway have several common focus areas, challenges and opportunities.

During the last five years, GCE Ocean Technology has organised annual study tours to Orkney where participants from academia, industry and public sector have gained knowledge and developed mutual relations.

GCE Ocean Technology and collaborative partner Ocean Hyway Cluster are now working to formalize our collaborative efforts with the players at Orkney.

Orkney and Western Norway have a lot in common. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration and building stronger relations, Trond Strømgren, Ocean Technology Innovator at GCE Ocean Technology.

Sharing Knowledge

Part of the BIG HIT project (Building Innovative Green Hydrogen Systems in Isolated Territories) includes dissemination.

The Orkney players have done a lot of technology development and piloting within renewable energy and local hydrogen energy systems. It’s now time to share experiences. The Hydrogen Technologies Platform (HTP) will be launched 23 September.

The HTP is a series of digital events aiming to inspire other players and communities to replicate the BIG HIT approach.

– This new Hydrogen Territories Platform brings together the lessons learned from the BIG HIT project in Orkney. The HTP will help lead the way for other projects who are building up the supply and demand for green hydrogen, and will benefit communities and local economies. Locations such as Norway and Scotland will benefit from closer contact and collaboration on energy and hydrogen topics, says Nigel Holmes, CEO at Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.


BIG HIT are launching a series of webinars to share their experiences and “learning by doing”: The first webinar will explain how the HTP can inform and help you identify local replication opportunities for the development, deployment, and exploitation of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for integrated local energy systems.

The HTP will provide information and modelling tools to support the wider development and replication of this model to other islands and isolated territories.

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The presentations will be followed by a questions & answer session, which will also explain how you can join the HTP, build your networks, and start to make use of the replication tools including your own schematic map for a Hydrogen Territory or Hydrogen Valley. HTP webinars participating is free.

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Contact Information

Thea Båtevik

Innovation Consultant

Thea Båtevik

Study Tour

50 persons joined us on our study tour to Orkney in 2019 to meet world leading renewable energy and hydrogen players.

Businesses in Orkney are storing wind and tidal energy as hydrogen for use in automotive and maritime transportation in Kirkwall and for heating of buildings.

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