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Sharing Results from Industrial Digitalisation Project

Inspired by the automotive industry, participants in our cluster project #LeveDigital developed a collaborative dashboard ensuring “just in time” deliveries through reducing the need for phone calls, meetings and emails.

Through an industry pilot project targeting the needs of TechnipFMC, and several of their suppliers, the focus of GCE Ocean Technology’s digitalisation project #LeveDigital, turned towards identifying new ways of improving digital collaboration in the supply chain.

Industrial Pilot

Inspired by the automotive industry, the industrial pilot involved developing a collaborative dashboard in the Microsoft PowerBI platform, ensuring deliveries “just in time” through reducing the need for phone calls, meetings and emails.

– This project displayed that digital information concerning delivery information can flow between suppliers and customers in the oil and gas industry untouched by man, says Sverre Undeland, Manager Business Transformation in TechnipFMC.

– Furthermore, the development of this dashboard and the technology for transferring information between the companies provided good learning points for the participants and creates a good foundation for the industry's transition to a future where information is flowing seamlessly through the value chain, Undeland ends.


Sverre Undeland, Manager Business Transformation in TechnipFMC.

The final report is now ready and available for our partners and members. Please send an e-mail to Gisle Nondal, R&D Manager at GCE Ocean Technology if you are interested in the report.

Project Focus

The overall #LeveDigital project had the following key focus areas:

  • Providing the companies with a better understanding about opportunities associated with increased digitalisation
  • Equipping the companies with the necessary skills to create structured plans for increased use of digitisation adapted to their own businesses
  • Demonstrating the practical use of current digitalisation tools and technologies through an industrial pilot project

In addition to the industrial pilot project, GCE Ocean Technology offered the aDigital programme delivered by Atheno which is a competence programme aimed at strategic leaders who want to strenghten the competitiveness of their company.

This four-day course equipped cluster companies with a toolbox to drive digital change in their own company.

16 companies participated, among them were cluster companies Odda Technology, TechnipFMC, Idevekst Energi, Wellguard, SOCON, Mjøs metallvarefabrikk, Kymsol, PSW Group and CCB.

Lean Yellow Belt

Another module of the project was offering a LEAN yellow belt course for the cluster.

LEAN is a philosophy that puts the customer at the center and is based on increasing financial profitability the business.

Those who work with Lean are concerned with smooth processes and will ensure less waste in the organisation.

As the second competence development course in the project, GCE Ocean Technology completed a LEAN Yellow Belt course where a basic introduction to Lean and continuous improvements were given through extensive use of practical exercises and theory.



The course was held by renowned and experienced instructors from Lean Consulting, and all course participants were LEAN yellow belt certified after completing the course.

This is an important competence base on which companies can capitalize through further certification of their employees.

Together with new digital solutions, LEAN is a very powerful tool for the industry in a time of strong competition and restructuring.

The course, from, provided a basic introduction to Lean and continuous improvement through extensive use of practical exercises  and theory. 

If you have ideas on future digitalisation projects and/or are interested in the full project report, please contact Gisle Nondal.

Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås

Digitalisation and Supply Chain Development

GCE Ocean Technology has a strategic focus on digitalisation and supply chain development.

Since 2018 the cluster has facilitated the digitalisation project #LeveDigital, involving about 30 cluster companies.

The project was funded by Vestland County Council.

The final report is now ready and available for our partners and members.


Digitisation can be defined as the work of developing new, or utilising available technology, to do
work processes simpler, better and more efficient.

This is not just about new technologies that are advanced robots and artificial intelligence.

The competitiveness of SMEs can also be strengthened through measures such as standardisation at the right level, streamlined value chains, increased degree of automation and better interaction between IT systems.