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Are You Ready for the Digital Transformation?

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Digitalisation is a key enabler for increased competitiveness and reduced cost in the industry. GCE Subsea has strategic focus on Industrie 4.0 and digitalisation through our target area of work processes.

In the recent DNV GL report "Confidence and Control – The outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2018”, senior oil and gas professionals rank digitalisation as the number one priority for R&D and innovation, followed by cyber security and subsea.

From November 2016 through December 2017 we have led a collaborative project targeting the opportunities provided though new technologies and work processes in digitalisation, with GCE NODE and GCE Blue Maritime. The project is funded by Hordaland County Council, involved over 50 participants in large companies, SME’s, R&D Institutes and Universities.

It became clear that there are competence gaps in the industry and that the clusters should take a leading role in closing these gaps. Furthermore, the need for updating business models and strategies became evident. As the project slogan states:

"In a digital world companies do not need a digital strategy, they need a customized business strategy for the digital age."

Free Digital Maturity Mapping

GCE Subsea Partner SINTEF is through SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing the leading Norwegian R&D institute on Industrie 4.0 and digitalisation. They have developed a questionnaire which help companies assess their digital maturity, as well as a toolbox for further enhancing the digitalisation initiatives in the industry.

Partners and members of GCE Subsea will be invited to participate in the digital maturity mapping, free of charge. The individual answers are anonymous and confidential, but you will have the opportunity to obtain your own answers to be used internally in further developing your company.

The questionnaire will be sent to you in a separate email from, and we strongly encourage you to participate.

Take the Next Step

Following the joint digitalisation project and the digital maturity mapping, GCE Subsea are working with establishing projects and programmes to further develop our partners and members digital competence. Information will be published on our webpages shortly.

Please contact us at an early stage if you require assistance in project development or if you are looking for a special type of expertise or research skill in connection to your digitalisation projects.

Contact Information

Bjarte Fagerås

Senior R&D Advisor

Bjarte Fagerås