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New Camera Contract for Imenco in Aquaculture

Lars Mundheim (Tombre), Magne Tombre (Tombre), Håkon Tombre (Tombre), Olve Byre (Imenco), Ole Kristian Tombre (Tombre), Rebecca Hovland (Imenco). Foto: Imenco AS.
Lars Mundheim (Tombre), Magne Tombre (Tombre), Håkon Tombre (Tombre), Olve Byre (Imenco), Ole Kristian Tombre (Tombre), Rebecca Hovland (Imenco). Photo: Imenco AS.

Tombre Fiskeanlegg has acquired a complete camera solution for five of their locations, securing workload for 2020 and 2021 for Imenco.

Imenco has had strategic focus on crossover from the oil and gas industry to other related ocean industries markets since the last oil price downturn in 2014, and have reaped fruits from these efforts, securing contracts both within the offshore wind industry and within aquaculture.

New Contract with Tombre

The delivery to Tombre includes complete underwater camera systems with Gemini Lining Camera (with dual IP color camera and sensors) in each fish cage, as well as fleet and control room surveillance camera with optional number of screens.

– This contract is a significant contribution to Imenco and keeps us occupied both in the short and long term, says Ole Byre, VP – Aqua & Fish Farming in Imenco.

He continues: – We have delivered cameras to Eide Fjordbruk, Lingalask and Bolaks in the same area, so it is also a strategic geographically important agreement for Imenco. Moreover it is a vote of confidence to the technology we deliver with focus on supplying the best possible image quality together with competitive pricing, says Byre.

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By being active in the cluster activities we have gained a better understanding of the markets and secured important contacts within these new markets, Olve Byre, VP – Aqua & Fish Farming Imenco

Technology Transfer

Offshore Wind is another area that Imenco has diversified into since the last global oil and gas downturn in 2014 and which is now a vital part of their business.

Since its first delivery in 2016, Imenco has succeeded in winning contracts for 15 large offshore wind power projects in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Taiwan.

These deliveries have related to:

  • a solution for installing cathodic protection on monopile foundations offshore using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • an installation solution for jacket foundations
  • a helicopter fuelling system

Covid-19 and New Markets

Like so many other businesses, Imenco’s operations have also been affected by the coronavirus pandemic

– Our Oil & Gas division have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Still we have ongoing projects also in that division and have been able to keep more or less a stable work force in Imenco AS. The pandemic gives us even more drive to further develop our other markets such as aquaculture and renewables, says Byre.

Moreover, Imenco has responded to the call to industry to provide essential breathing equipment, helping support front-line medical staff in the fight against COVID-19.

The company has been approved to manufacture under licence, the Tested and Approved for use in the treatment of COVID-19, Mercedes AMG F1/UCL Ventura CPAP Breathing Apparatus.

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Imenco AS is a prime example of a company that has evolved and grown despite of tough market challenges through technology transfer.

We congratulate Imenco with their new contract with Tombre.

Contact Information

Kai Stoltz

Business Development Manager

Kai Stoltz

Imenco is an active member of the cluster and has:

  • Particpated in our growth programme; the scaleup programme in 2019.
  • Applied for and received project funding for their innovation projects.
  • Participated in our ACCEL Crossover programme where subsea meets aquaculture.
  • Participated and contributed with sharing their experiences to the rest of the cluster through articles, collaboration projects and at our events.