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Investment Blitz for Norwegian Hydrogen Startup

CCB announces that their partner ZEG Power has completed their first 130 mill. NOK share issue to deploy its zero-emission hydrogen production technology, with overwhelming interest from investors.

– This is an important step in the right direction for our planned hydrogen production plant at CCB Energy Park at Kollsnes, says Ronny Haufe, Executive Vice President at CCB.

In September last year; ZEG Power and cluster partner Coast Center Base (CCB) agreed to initiate a collaboration to map common opportunities related to large-scale hydrogen production of Norwegian gas at the Kollsnes natural gas park location (Naturgassparken ved Kollsnes).

This was planned done through cutting-edge Norwegian technology with built-in carbon capture, right at the planned CO2 disposal site “Northern Lights”.

Fantastic News

The Norwegian start-up, ZEG Power, has now concluded an over-subscribed round of 130 million NOK, surpassing the 100 million NOK original targeted, to deploy its zero-emission hydrogen production technology, according to a new press release from ZEG Power.

The globally mandated AP Ventures and SPARX Group (Mirai Creation Fund), in addition to Nysnø, the Norwegian state-owned climate investment fund, are among the investors.

Excerpts from press release:

“Until the Northern Lights CO2 storage facility is established, ZEG Power will use renewable biogas as input-gas in order to enable clean hydrogen production. Hydrogen production from the first ZEG-H2 plant and future site expansion shall provide zero-emission fuels to Norwegian and international transport and industry users. This will accelerate the transition to hydrogen as part of wider decarbonisation efforts by the Norwegian economy. “

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– CCB has a strategic ambition to become an active participator in building a total value chain, providing clean energy to the market. Based on ZEG Power’s technology, CCB will contribute to establish a future large-scale production and distribution of emission-free hydrogen at CCB Energy Park. This will be the best location for providing clean energy in various forms, both compressed and liquefied H2, and other future emission-free products, says Ronny Haufe, EVP, Coast Center Base AS in the press release.


Contact Information CCB

Coast Center Base AS
Ronny Haufe
Executive Vice President
Phone: +47 913 50 660


Coast Center Base (CCB) has been a partner of GCE Ocean Technology since 2006 and is a Norwegian company with extensive experience and expertise within providing facilities, services, production, engineering and maintenance.

CCB is a 24/7 company with locations along the Norwegian coast and in Las Palmas.

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