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Press release from CCB and ZEG Power

Photo by Morten Wanvik

Informs of major investment in pure hydrogen production with carbon capture.

Bergen 19.09.2019

ZEG Power and Coast Center Base (CCB) have agreed to initiate a collaboration to map common opportunities related to large-scale hydrogen production of Norwegian gas at the Kollsnes natural gas park location (Naturgassparken ved Kollsnes). This will happen with cutting-edge Norwegian technology with built-in carbon capture, right at the planned CO2 disposal site “Northern Lights”.

- The collaboration with CCB will make it possible to exploit the real potential of the ZEG technology. We regard this as a "fast track" to full-scale ZEG-H2 plants, which in combination with carbon storage will enable the utilization of natural gas in a clean way. This will lead to a significant reduction in CO2, a considerable climate measure, says ZEG Power chief Kathrine K. Ryengen.

ZEG-H2 is a Norwegian-developed technology originating from the Institute of Energy Technology (IFE), which enables compact, cost-effective reforming of carbonaceous gas to hydrogen with integrated CO2 capture.

The collaboration with CCB for an establishment at Kollsnes is of special strategic nature, because Norway's CO2 landfill will be established precisely at CCB Kollsnes.

For more information contact:

Kathrine K. Ryengen
CEO, ZEG Power
Mobile: +47 994186096

Ronny Haufe
Mobile: +47 91350660,