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We are Available for Our Cluster

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GCE Ocean Technology are here to help our members, especially during these precarious times with Covid-19.

At this page you will find an overview of help that we as a facilitator and our cluster members offer within areas of:

  • Financial Support
  • Management Consulting
  • Banking, finance and insurance
  • Laws and regulations
  • Useful articles and reports

Financial Support

GCE Ocean Technology

  • GCE Ocean Technology provides financial and professional support to establish externally funded RDI projects. Our partners and members can apply for pre-project funding from GCE Ocean Technology for concrete project ideas. Apply for pre-project funding.
  • We are in dialogue with Innovation Norway, Bergen municipality and Vestland County municipality regarding offering more funding targeted to aid businesses in this situation.  We will let you know through e-mail and newsletters about the results and new offerings.
  • Receive our guide to the public funding scheme by sending an e-mail to
  • If you need help with navigating the public funding scheme or anything else, we offer free advise and webinars to our partners and members.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has gone to several measures to help businesses cope with the ramifications from Covid-19. Read overview of measures.

The Research Council of Norway

Businesses can now apply for support for innovation projects in the business world on an ongoing basis. Here's the call.

Many applicants, project managers and project managers at UH, institutes and businesses are in a difficult situation now, and the Research Council of Norway is constantly considering what they can do to remedy this. Read about their efforts thus far.

Furthermore, the Research Council is currently in ongoing dialogue with the R&D institutions, business organizations and a number of individual companies to map the situation and take effective measures for actors in a difficult situation due to loss of earnings or capital. Read more

The Norwegian Government

Important information from the government, ministries and other Norwegian authorities on measures and advice for the population. Read more

GIEK – The Norwegian Export Credit Agency
In a challenging economic climate state guarantees from Norway may be key to finance Norwegian export. GIEK issues loan guarantees to buyers of Norwegian exports of both goods and services thus enabling them to finance their investment. They are open to all industries and businesses small and big. GIEK has also financing solutions securing performance under export contracts addressing the exporter’s financing needs directly. Read more on: GIEK  or sign up for their newsletter.

Management Consulting

Idévekst Energy

Idevekst Energy has established a contingency team to offer free guidance (about 1 hour) to the management of cluster members in GCE Ocean Technology.

The questions they can help answering are for example:

  • What needs to happen now?
  • What will happen next week?
  • How do we handle the situation in a 2-3 month perspective?
  • How will this affect the 2020 accounts for the business?
  • How should we fulfil our responsibilities as an employer, supplier and customer?
  • What legal challenges are we facing?

Contact Idévekst Energy and Jan Frederik Namtvedt.


Deloitte has created theme pages on COVID-19 to help companies reduce the risk of the current situation. The site is constantly updated with articles from Deloitte's experts.

PwC Norge

Learn how your businesses can plan and prepare as best as possible for Covid-19. Understand and learn how to tackle the long term ramifications for you business.


Astrea has personnel with extensive experience from subsea and offshore segment as well as from the more traditional manufacturing and service related industries.

We focus on support to management and owners within a range of areas, covering:

  • Restructuring
  • Financial advisory
  • General support for managers
  • Recruitment and coaching
  • Business development

These are issues that you handle yourself in a normal situation, but where additional support may be welcomed in the current market. Support and feedback are based on extensive personal experience from running and restructuring businesses in a variety of areas and we can tailor-make our services to your needs.

If you only need a discussion partner or want help, please do not hesitate to contact
Arvid Pettersen or visit

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Sparebanken Vest

Sparebanken Vest SMB telephone: Companies who are concerned about how the company's finances will be affected by the corona virus and troubled market conditions can call Sparebanken Vest on telephone number 55 21 78 59.


Companies that are worried about how the coronavirus will affect the company's finances can call DNB on telephone number 23 02 12 66. DNB also offer to stall installments for a period.

This way, companies can still pay their bills such as rent and wages. Those who do not have a corporate loan can get a mortgage loan so that they get some better finances overall.

Sparebanken 1 SR-Bank

Contact Sparebank 1 SR-Bank if you have problems or are unsure how to handle your finances as a result of the corona virus. In the online bank you can send a message or chat with them about your company's issues.

Videoblog about cash support (kontantstøtte).


How can and will insurance markets cover the losses that now occur as a result of the corona eruption? Thommessen explains in which cases losses can be covered by insurance. Moreover, read their "Questions and Answers" for businesses.

Laws and regulations

Kluge Attorneys

In connection with the corona virus, Kluge has put together an expert team to assist with legal issues and consequences. Kluge offer free guidance (about 1 hour) for members of GCE Ocean Technology. The team can help you with:

  • Questions related to the duties of the Board of Directors and the administration in relation to creditors, handling of annual accounts
  • Questions related to labor law, such as layoffs
  • Questions related to contracts that are affected by the situation, such as supply contracts, leases etc.
  • Questions related to insurance coverage

Read more and contact Kluge

Wikborg Rein

Due to the situation related to the coronavirus, layoffs are sometimes a necessary tool for many companies in Norway. Wikborg Rein has also compiled an overview of labor law issues specific to the Covid-19 situation.

Bergen Municipality

Restrictions related to the coronavirus have significant consequences for large parts of the business community. The industry section (Næringsseksjonen) of Bergen Municipality has gathered useful links. They also want input into local initiatives. Read more


Inventas are now giving away "digital" workshops to the first companies to contact them. The goal is to help you find and develop new services and products for the future. Contact Inventas for a digital coffee.

Useful Links

If you would like to assist cluster members with your services contact us at

If you need help with anything we are here for you and don’t hesitate to contact us.


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