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Billions for New Innovation Projects


Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway have both announced several billions in additional funding to support innovation to counteract the effects of Covid-19.

Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway will both give presentation at our Subsea Innovation Day 28 April to inform you about the most relevant measures for the industry.

Read the full programme and sign up.

Historic Opportunity for Funding

Håkon Haugli, CEO of Innovation Norway has announced a record high amount of money available for innovation and restructuring of industries counteracting the negative economic effect of Covid-19 and reduced oil prices.

Three new measures are especially highlighted:

  • Funding for commercialization. More money available and more money per project
  • Extraordinary innovation funding for 2020
  • Innovation load

Several other programmes have also received more funding.

Read the overview of all measures from Innovation Norway.

More Funding for Pilot Projects

The Research Council of Norway has also received more funding and have made several changes to help the industry.

This includes continuous application deadlines and more funding for piloting projects within petroleum through the DEMO2000 programme.

A report published earlier this year shows that the Norwegian petroleum research give 30 times its investment back to the government in increased value creation.

Read the overview of all measures from The Research Council of Norway.

Pre-project Funding and Free Advice

GCE Ocean Technology provides financial and professional support and advice for free, to establish externally funded RDI projects for our partners and members.

So far, we have succeeded in helping cluster companies in securing more than 1.35 Billion NOK in external funded project owned and run by cluster companies.

Please do not hesitate to contact Gisle Nondal or Jon Hellevang at an early stage to see how we can contribute.

Contact Information

Jon O. Hellevang

R&D Manager

Jon O. Hellevang


GCE Ocean Technology are here to help our members in this precarious situation with Covid-19.

Read our guide of helpful measures offered from inside and outside of the cluster.

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